Seth Rollins walked into the room I was sitting in, "Hello, Gabaru."

"Gabaru?" I questioned.

"Yeah, why not?" Seth said before Dean and Roman walked in.

"Hear about our match tonight?" Seth asked as Dean sat next to me and started taping up his hands.

"Yeah, three on one handicap match for the second time this week, congrats."

"Any ounce of momentum is helpful," Dean commented.

I shook my head and said, "Can I ask you guys something?"

"No," Dean said flatly.

I ignored him, "Why do you guys listen to Triple H?"

Roman came from behind me, "He's our boss."

"Yeah, but that doesn't mean you have to kiss his ass," I pointed out, "I mean, what happened to the hounds of justice, only caring about what was best for them. Not playing security for some big nosed corporate sell out."

Seth grinned, "We are still the hounds of justice and we still only care for ourselves."

I laughed, "Whatever you say, but I can say I told you so when Triple H pushes you under the bus one of these days."

"It won't happen," Roman said.

I shook my head, were they really that blind, "Anyways, do I get to come to you guys match."

"Yes you do," Dean spoke up.

"Dang," I lied. To be honest I was excited. Not excited about the fact that Dolph was going to get beaten by the Shield, but I just loved the feeling of being in front of the fans. It took my breath away.

"Speaking of, we better go now," Roman said, grabbing his title belt.

Dean grabbed onto my wrist and led the way down the hall and out a door. I spotted fans getting pushed back by security as we walked towards where the Shield made their entrance. When we got their, I sat on the ground as the guys started warming up.

Gabby chants surrounded me and I smiled, and received a stunned glance by all three members of the Shield.








The Shields music came on and I walked out beside them. We made our way down the stairs and reached the barricade. Once again, Dean held his hand out for me to grab, but I turned it down again and went over by myself. Dolph made his entrance soon after. I looked at him with sympathy, I liked Dolph. He was fun to hang around with backstage.

I climbed out of the ring and stood at ring side as Seth started the match.

Seth ran forward and went for a clothesline, but Dolph ducked it and knocked Dean and Roman off the apron. I backed up to stay out of the way as Dolph unloaded on Seth. Dean tried climbing in the ring, but Dolph hit him before he could do anything, but the distraction was enough for Seth to take control.

Seth tagged in Reigns and he took control, kneeing him in the gut and throwing him in the corner. Dolph was able to get an elbow in before Roman Samoan dropped him. I prayed to Dolph to not kick out, but he did at two. I watched on nervously as Dean made a tag and stepped inside the ring.

Meanwhile, the commentators talked at ringside, "For those of you just joining us, earlier on Triple H made this match as... I guess a punishment for Dolph," Michael said.

"Also, if you haven't noticed, Gabby is in the corner of the Shield in this match, although she probably doesn't want to," Cole commented.

"Doesn't want to? Who wouldn't want to be in the Shields corner?" JBL said to Cole.

"John, Gabby is being forced to be with the Shield."

"Doesn't mean she doesn't like it," JBL pointed out as Dolph went for the famouser, but then got caught by Seth into a buckle bomb, then got hit with a spear. Roman pinned Dolph for the win.

I got into the ring as the Shield grabbed Dolph and put him by the ropes and started mocking Big Show, who was at ringside.

"Dean, that's enough," I told him.

Instead, the three set him up for the triple power bomb and even with my pleading, they delivered it.

"Sorry," I whispered as I followed The Shield out.

Later on...

I watched as Daniel Bryan took on Ryback and got him into the Yes lock, but then Randy appeared on the scene.

The Shield had to leave for some reason and I was sitting alone. I tapped my foot impatiently as Randy got in the ring, but got caught by Bryan into the Yes lock. The Shield appeared to help Randy.

Oh, so that's where they went.

Big Show got in the ring and Randy and The Shield backed off. Triple H came out and forced him to leave. Then Randy started beating on him and even delivering a triple power bomb, the Shield did. Randy then got spray paint and sprayed no on his chest, I was disgusted.

I had been nice to the Shield, but that was over.

No more Ms nice diva.
Monday Night Raw

The Shield stood guarding ringside as Triple H was in the ring. I sat on the top turn buckle, glaring at the game.

Triple H spoke, "I would like to introduce to you the face of the WWE, the WWE champion, the viper. Randy Orton!"

Randy appeared on the stage as voices in my head was played around the arena. Randy climbed into the ring and turned his head to glare at me. I narrowed my eyes right back until he looked away. Then he got a microphone.

"As the face of the WWE it is my responsibility to protect this company. So if you are disrespecting me, then you're disrespecting the company and you need to be dealt with," Randy looked back at me, I shook my head and rolled my eyes, "Take Daniel Bryan for example, last week Daniel defaced my property, so I had to deface Daniel Bryan."

A replay was shown on the big screen and after it was showed the cameras showed me, looking angrily at Randy.

"So I thought I would take a page out of Daniel's book, so we're going to play a little game, it's a audience participation game, which I know you all love so much. Alright here it goes," Orton cleared his throat, "Should Daniel Bryan face me at night of champions."

I started chanting yes along with the fans.

"No," Randy said, "Is their any chance of Daniel Bryan defeating me at night of champions."

More yes chants.

"Will Daniel Bryan amount to anything more in WWE then a B+ player?" Randy asked.

Once again, yes chants.

"What about this one, should Daniel Bryan give up his rematch at Night of Champions... Yes!" Randy cheered

Triple H started talking, "You know Randy, as COO of this company it is my job to ensure that we put on the best show possible, because the WWE universe deserves it. Second of all, my job is to ensure the well being of all superstars and divas and as of late, I've been questioning the well being of Daniel Bryan."

The crowd booed.

"You see, Daniel has such a big ego that its been getting him into situations like you just saw and I mean, you're all not helping, because every week you guys sit here and you throw your hands up in the air and you chant Yes Yes Yes. It makes Daniel confuse popularity with whats best for business. For example, a few years back we had a superstar called Doink the clown. Now Doink the clown was insanely popular, people loves Doink the clown, but their is a very big reason why Doink the clown was never WWE champion, it would have been bad for business."

I shook my head and started cheering, "Doink the clown! Doink the clown! Doink the clown!" The crowd joined in. The Shield smirked at me at from ringside. Triple H went on like nothing happened.

"Now, Daniel Bryan will never be WWE champion. I'm not saying Daniel can't reach for those goals. Heck, maybe I can bring back the cruiser weight title or the European title. He can go for any of those anytime he wants." Daniels music came on.

I slowly walked over and grabbed a microphone before Triple H could notice, although I saw Dean staring at me.

"You two you made alot of good points their. I am thrilled to be compared to Doink the clown, but I don't think their was ever a loud Doink the clown chant in 1992, in fact the only clowns I see are the two standing in the ring," Daniel said.

"I think he's talking about you," I muttered to them in the mic.

Daniel continued, "And I understand why you two would want me to give up my WWE title match. I can understand why Hunter would want me to give to give up my title shot, just like when you gave up being a man when you cut your hair and got a suit and became a corporate sellout. Ohhs from the crowd, "And I know why Randy wants me to give up my WWE title match, considering he completely went out of the title picture until someone handed it to him. So, should I give up my title match at Night of Champions?"

"It's the same answer to is Randy Orton more masculine then Stephanie McMahon.. No! No! No!"

I started rolling on the floor and laughing into the microphone. Randy gave me a death state as I got back to my feet.

Randy turned his attention back to Bryan, "How many times do you have to get punched in the face to realize that you can't win this fight."

"That's the thing you don't understand. You were never told that you couldn't do something. I was told my whole career that I wouldn't amount to anything more then wrestling in high school gyms. That I would not make it to WWE. I was told when I got here that I would never be anything more then just an extra hand. I was told I would never be World champion. It was that, the scratching and the clawing that made me the man I am today and you will never understand, because you were handed everything!" Daniel said.

Regret pricked at my stomach. I had given up, and it had been the biggest mistake of my life.

"So, do I think I can beat you for the WWE title. No, I know I can beat you for the WWE title and deep down you know it to, because if you didn't you would be putting me in gauntlet matches or having three men beat me down. You would just let me and Randy wrestle one on one.

"And Randy, you may walk around here like you are some big dog, but everyone here knows that you may have the genetics of a champion, but you don't have the heart of a champion. You're just Triple H's.."

Speaking of Triple H, he interrupted, "calm down, why you so angry, angry little trowel," I fake laughed, "I can see why you're angry, but I think your anger is misdirected, because you shouldn't be mad at us, you should be mad at the Big Show and I'm going to give you the opportunity to take your anger out on the Big Show tonight. You will go one on one with the 7 foot, 500 pound, Big Show."

Daniel didn't say anything.

"And as for you," Triple H looked over at me.

I cleared my throat, "what's on your minda," I mocked his voice.

"You know, you came out here last week and you talked pretty big how I never gave you a chance or what not, so I'm going to give you the opportunity to prove yourself. So tonight Ms Gabby, tonight you will be competing in a gauntlet match," I smirked and mouthed the words wow, "you will first compete against the redhead bombshell, Eva Marie."

Boos came from the audience and I put my hand on my face and laughed, "If you want to put me in a match against a girl who is still learning to do a headlock, go ahead."

Triple H laughed, "Then you will go one on one against Alicia Fox," I didn't say anything, she would be a challenge.

"And if you are somehow able to defeat both divas, then you will go one on one with the divas champion, AJ Lee."

Yes chants filled the arena and I shifted nervously and excitedly at the same time. My first match would be hard.

This chapter took a while to do, most likely because of the Daniel and Randy promo on Raw, but I wanted to include mostly all of it, because lots of things Bryan said was true.

Sorry if any of you love Eva Marie. Was trying to be Gabby's character and thought of what she would say. Remember, she might of had two matches back then

Next chapter will involve more moments with the Shield, plus Gabby plays the rebellion. Hope you all enjoyed.

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