Monday Night Raw (Continued):


"The following six man tag team match is scheduled for one fall, introducing first, being accompanied to the ring by Gabby Bryan, the United States Champion Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns, the Shield!" Justin announced as I led the way down the steps.

"Wow, guys, look at this, Gabby is joining the Shield at ringside," Cole said in surprise as I lept over the barricade with ease.

"Gabbys tough,Cole," JBL muttered.

"I've been waiting all week for this," Cole said as the Wyatts appeared on the titantron.

"We're here," Bray said. The lights went completely black. I spotted a small light coming down to the ring.

I breathed nervously as I saw Bray and his family coming to the ring. Dean grabbed my hand and squeezed it, trying to comfort me.

The lights turned back on.

"Good luck," I whispered as I left the ring.

Before the Wyatts could even get in the ring, Dean and Seth suicide dived Harper and Rowan. Roman and Bray fought it out in the ring.

"We knew this would be a war!" Michael exclaimed.

Seth and Luke started. Seth started taking it to Harper.

I paced nervously as Seth got on the top rope. Harper came from behind and threw Seth over his head. The crowd cheered as Seth landed on his feet. He clotheslined Harper put of the ring before flipping over the top rope on him. Seth ran in the ring and did the same to Rowan on the other side.

"Rollins is a one man wrecking crew!" Cole exclaimed.

"That's what I'm talking about!" I cheered at ringside.

Bray got in the ring as Seth got on the top rope. Dean ran in and attacked Bray. I flinched as Dean ran into the ropes, knocking Seth off.

"What was that, man?" Roman asked as the ref was able to get Dean back in the corner.

"I didn't mean too!" Dean yelled back.

"Guys, calm down!" I yelled, trying to be peace maker.

I turned my attention back to the action, where Seth was now getting taken control of.

Suddenly, I saw Dean walk past me, towards Bray who was mocking him, "Dean!" I called.

Roman got off the apron and got in front of him, "Cool it, man!"

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Seth in our corner, waiting for someone to tag, "Guys!" I screamed at them.

Dean and Roman came back over, but by then Erick had grabbed Seth and brought him back to the Wyatts corner.

"The Shield seem to not be on the same page, guys," Cole said as I groaned in frustration.

Luckily, Seth was able to get Erick out of the way long enough to make a tag to Dean. Dean ran in the ring and flung himself at Rowan.

I ran over to Seth, "You OK?"

Seth looked at me annoyed, "Yeah, I'm good," he muttered as he tried to recover at ringside.

I heard woooos and saw Dean lock in the figure four leg. Luke ran in and stomped on Deans stomach. It allowed the Wyatts to take control again.

"Come on, Dean!" I cheered.

"Ambrose has got to make a tag," Cole said.

I jumped in surprise when Harper booted Roman off the apron. I walked over to check on him. Dean clotheslined Harper.

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