Our music came on as we walked through the crowd. We were ready for Pipers Pit and had pretty much interrupted Mr, Piper. Not my idea.

Piper watched us as we got in the ring. I grabbed a microphone from a stool and sat down. Seth sat next to me, followed by Roman.

Dean remained standing. He looked at the crowd, "Ok, who gave this old man a live microphone? This is live TV," he paused, "We were going to wait around well you rambled on and on, but if you want to talk you should be thankful that the Shield wasn't around during your prime, because then maybe you wouldn't have made it to 112 years old."

I couldn't help but laugh as Piper spoke, "First of all, nobody gave me a mic, I took it. Secondly, this is Pipers Pit, not Ambrose Alley."

Seth started laughing beside me. Piper turned to him, "You think I'm cute?"

Seth nodded, "Yeah,"

I couldn't stop smiling. I was a fangirling so bad?

"I know one thing and that is their us only one guy that can match me on the mic and that's CM Punk," Piper got right in Deans face.

Dean started getting in his crazy mode as the fans started chanting for Punk, "You of all people would know to trend lightly is a situation your in, Piper!"

Seth backed Dean up, "Hot Rod....Can I call you HotRod?"


"It isn't 1985 anymore, the Shield is to smart for your tactics, alright. You know what I think, I think it's jealously. Pipers jealous that you're a better US champion then he ever was," Seth pointed to Dean.

Piper laughed, "You might be right, but I know one thing for sure," he pointed to Seth, "You one on one, can't beat Punk," he looked at Dean, "You....You couldn't beat Punk either."

"I can beat Punk," Dean muttered in frustration.

Piper turned to me, "You," he paused, "We haven't seen you fight Punk yet," he looked at Roman, "You have Punk tonight," he pinched Romans cheek, "If you beat Punk tonight, doesn't that make you better then them?"

I jumped to my feet. I knew what Piper was trying to do. Everyone did, "Don't listen to him, Roman," I warned.

"Would that be a crack in the Shield?" Piper asked, "Crack. Crack. Crack."

"Theirs no cracks in the Shield, Piper!" Seth exclaimed.

Roman stood up and faced Piper, "I'm going to beat Punk tonight and if you ever touch me again I'll break your old ass in half."

"You know Roman, why don't we leave a lasting impression on Mr, Piper," Dean dropped his microphone.

I felt a little panic. I didn't want them to beat down one of my favorites, "Guys....maybe we shouldn't."

CM Punks music came on. I quickly turned around and saw Punk running to the ring, the New Age Outlaws in toe.

Punk was heading straight for Dean, so instead I jumped at Punk and start flailing my arms. Punk punched back and I quickly rolled out of the ring. The four of us ran to the barricade.

Seth and I had to hold Dean and Roman back, who were freaking out, "Later tonight," I told them.


"Come on, Roman!" I exclaimed as Punk hit him with a elbow.

Roman was currently taking on CM Punk. The new age outlaws were inPunks corner as Dean, Seth and I were in Romans. I paced around as both men were down.

Punk was setting up for the GTS. Ambrose quickly got on the ropes to distract him, but Road Dog pulled him down. He tried tossing Dean into the steel steps, but Dean threw Road Dog instead. I saw Billy clothesline Dean and I quickly got on the apron and drop kicked him in the face. Seth ran over for support, but regretted it when Punk hit us both with a suicide dive, causing us to both go over the announce table.

Roman got in the ring and hit CM Punk with a super man punch when he jumped off the top rope. Punk barely kicked out, leaving Roman in shock.

The two men with back and forth until Punk had Roman set up for a GTS. I quickly got on apron to distract Punk. Roman got off Punks back. Punk ran over and knocked me off, but ran right into a spear.

My heart leaped for joy as Roman got the three count. Dean helped me up as we rolled in the ring. I gave Roman a hug. I saw Dean look over with a twinge of jealously from the corner of my eye.

Suddenly, a familiar music hit. My eyes widened in shock as I slowly looked at the stage. The three guys beside me were shocked as well.

"You got to be kidding me!" Cole exclaimed, "I think I've seen a ghost....that's........ that's Jake The Snake Roberts."

I hate snakes.

Jake stopped beside the ring and threw his yellow bag in the ring. I backed up. I knew exactly what was in their. I didn't want to be anywhere near it.

From behind, Punk and the New Age Outlaws came. I couldn't even think straight as Punk threw me out of the ring. Seth and Roman followed.

Dean was laying in the ring. I was just able to see Jake out the Snake on Dean.

Poor guy.

I stumbled to my feet and tried to grab Deans foot, but Jake waved the snake at me, "Don't put that thing near me!" I warned as I backed up towards the ramp. Seth patted my back as the three of us watched the ring.

Poor Poor Dean.
I absolutely loved the segment with Jake on Old School Raw. So much meaning in one segment. With Jake having problems personally to Deans smile(He was obviously marking out) it was really cool as a wrestling fan to see.

What did you guys think?

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