Friday Night Smackdown:


My music hit as I came from the audience.

"The following contest is scheduled for one fall, introducing first, from Aberdeen, Washington, representing the Shield, Gabby Bryan!"

I leaped over the barricade and got in the ring. I got on the middle turnbuckle and put my fist out.

"Gabby is set for action tonight, but she has an important match in two days on Sunday when she faces AJ Lee," Cole said as the titantron showed our match, "This match will be for the Divas Championship."

"Gabby might have that match on Sunday, but she has a huge challenge tonight," AJ's music came on and she came skipping out with Tamina.

"And her opponent, being accompanied to the ring by AJ Lee, Tamina Snuka!"

"This Tamina is tough," JBL said as she slid in the ring.

I took a deep breath. AJ walked in the ring and held her title up, "To bad you won't make it to Sunday!"

I rolled my eyes at her as she slid out of the ring. The ref rang the bell.

Tamina didn't even try circle as she locked up with me and shoved me into the corner right away.

"Gabby's got to use her quickness here," Cole said as I tried to shake it off.

I ran forward and started slamming her with kicks, but she grabbed my leg and shoved me to the ground.

"Crush her, Tamina!" AJ screamed at ring side as she started slamming me with kicks.

Tamina started taking complete control over me. I tried to stay in there.

I finally got some offense when Tamina ran toward me and I dumped her over the ropes. The crowd cheered me on as I bounced off the ropes and hit Tamina with a suicide dive.

"That's what I'm talking about!" I yelled as the crowd cheered. I turned back to Tamina to see AJ in front of her.

"Bring it!" AJ yelled at me.

I ran forward, causing her to start running. I chased after her around the ring. She dashed into the ring and I ran after her, right into a huge clothesline, causing me to flip onto my belly.

"What a clothesline!" JBL yelled as the crowd oohed at it.

AJ laughed at me, "Pay attention!"

"Gabby's out," Cole said as Tamina smirked down at my fallen body before going for a pin.

I kicked out at two. AJ's smirk disappeared.

"How did she kick out!" JBL exclaimed.

"AJ has big problems this Sunday," Cole said.

"Get her, Tamina! Don't just stand there!" AJ yelled.

Tamina grabbed onto my hair and pulled me to my feet. I dropped into a small package.




I got off as soon as possible and got out of harms way to the outside.

"No!" AJ screamed as she started jumping up and down in frustration.

"Yes!" I screamed as the ref came to raise my hand.

"All I can say is, Rest in Peace Aj's title reign," Cole said as I smirked at AJ.


"In two days 27 other superstars will enter the rumble with hopes and dreams and theirs a saying that dreams do come true, but not this year, because the Shield is in the rumble and the hounds are hungry!" Dean exclaimed.

Seth spoke next, "In all of history, the rumble has never experienced anything like us. We are going to dominate every single second of that match, every single superstar that steps in between those ropes is a causality."

"This Sunday, The Shield will continue to prove its dominance. AJ, I already beat your bodyguard and this Sunday I'm going to beat you for that title and prove to everyone that I am the best diva on the entire roster and in the entire world," I said.

"And at the end of the night the big dog will stand tall. I will win that match and go on to headline Wrestlemania," Dean and Seth looked over at Roman, "Believe that and Believe in the Shield."

In the ring......

I paced the outside of the ring nervously as Roman and Cody were both down, trying to get to their corners, where Dean, Seth, Billy Gunn and Roaddog were waiting in our corner and Golddust, The Usos and Big E were cheering on Cody Rhodes.

Cody was able to make a tag to Golddust as Roman made it to Roaddog.

Seth kneed Golddust in the face when he was distracted with Roaddog, but Big E came in and clotheslined him to the ground. The Shield and New Age Outlaws started fighting off the Rhodes, Usos and Big E, making the ref have to ring the bell.

I paced ringside as superstars started running from the back to get in the fray.

Oh, what the hell.

I quickly got on the apron and jumped off the top rope, knocking down about half the field before running over to help Dean with Golddust.

"And this is what it's going to be like Sunday at the Royal Rumble!" Cole exclaimed.


"That was some battle," I told Dean as we walked towards the locker room.

"It was awesome when you landed on everyone," Dean commented, laying his arm on my shoulder.

I laughed, "I was bored standing at ringside and watching you guys, I had to do something."

"I'm glad you did," Dean said, kissing my forehead.

We reached the locker room and I walked in after him. It looked like Seth and Roman had already left.

"Let me just grab my stuff," Dean grabbed his suitcase and walked towards the door, "Then again, we have time."

"Oh my god," I muttered as he laughed.

Dean walked over and kissed me, "I bet Charlotte will probably call now."

"I know, right," I laughed as I pulled him into a passionate kiss.

"Hey guys......." I pulled away quickly and turned around to see Seth standing at the door. His widened eyes changed quickly into a smirk, "I knew it!"
Just had to be Seth. HaHa.

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