Monday Night Raw:


"I need to talk with you gentlemen," Kane paused and looked at me, "And lady."

I nodded, "Ok, go on."

"Last week on Raw Seth abandoned the three of you against the Wyatts," Kane said. I glanced at Seth before looking back at him, "And then on Smackdown the four of you aired your dirty laundry in a most unprofessional matter."

"So..... Is their a point to this?" Dean asked beside me.

"The point is that the Shield hasn't been on the same page and as director of operations I take it along myself to try to get you to on the same page," I raised an eyebrow as Kane continued, "I think the cracks of the Shield first started when Seth and Roman lost the tag team titles against the Rhodes brothers, so tonight, you will face the Rhodes brothers to see if you can let the demon out inside of you."

"If I may ask a question Kane," Seth said, "Is about us or is this about you trying to deflect the attention off yourself, because on Main Event you were pinned by Daniel Bryan."

"Again!" Dean exclaimed. I chuckled in amusement.

"And then on Smackdown, The Big Show knocked you out," Seth paused, "And you got pinned by Daniel Bryan!"

"Again!" Dean said.

"Enough!" Kane yelled, "Just go get the job done!"

"Oh we will, we always do," Dean assured, "We'll defeat that demon inside of us."

Roman stepped forward, "Just like we'll deal with any demon that steps in our way. Believe that Kane and Believe in the Shield."

The three guys walked away. I stayed. Kane glared at me.

"You know Kane," I said, "You've changed a lot since becoming the authorities little b*tch."

Kane breathed in anger, "Good day," I said, nodding my head. I followed the guys.


"Come on, Roman!" I yelled from ringside. Roman and Golddust were both out as they tried to make a tag to their team mates.

I turned to Dean beside me, "Cheer!"

Dean chuckled, "Come on Roman, get here!"

I smiled in satisfaction. I turned back to the ring to see Roman make a tag to Seth. Seth tried to take control, but Golddust kicked him away. Golddust was able to make a tag to Cody.

Cody went right after Seth. Roman got back on the apron and Cody knocked him right over with a disaster kick. Cody got Seth up on his shoulders and slammed him down. I sighed in relief when Roman broke up the pin.

Golddust ran in to interfere, but got nailed with a spear. Cody tossed Roman out of the ring before going at Seth. They ran at each other, hitting heads.

"Ouch," I muttered as I paced at ringside.

Cody recovered first and set Seth up for cross rhodes, but luckily Seth threw Cody off of him. Cody went for the disaster kick.

"Seth catches Cody!" Michael exclaimed as Seth power bombed Cody into the turnbuckle before hitting him with the black out.

Seth pinned Cody for the win.

"Yes!" I exclaimed as the ref raised Roman and Seth's hand. Dean and I rolled in the ring. I fist bumped both Seth and Roman.

"I wonder if the director of operations, Kane, is happy with how the Shield did tonight," Cole commented as we put our fists in the middle.

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