Monday Night Raw:


I walked beside Roman as we walked down the hall.

"So, how did the little family reunion go?" Roman asked curiously.

"Good, then bad, then good."

"More detail please."

I sighed, "Alright, when I told my parents and Daniel, they all seemed surprised at first. My mom said congrats, but my dad..." I trailed off

"Your dad didn't except him?" Roman questioned.

"At first, but then Dean talked him into it..... sort of."

"Dean did?" Roman asked in surprise, "What did he say?"

"He said how I was his other half and how a life without me would be empty."

Roman laughed, "I'll have to joke about that to him."

"Then he said that whether my dad excepted of not, he still would be with me."

"Well, I'm glad it all worked out," Roman said.

"Hey, believers! Wait up!" the two of us stopped as Seth came running over.

"How was it, Gabby?" Seth asked.

I closed my eyes, "Roman will tell you."

I soon went separate ways from them and headed to the Divas locker room.

"Guess what Gabby!" Nikki sang as soon as I walked in.

"What, Nicole?"

"You and Dean are teaming tonight," Nikki announced.

"Just us?"

"Just you."

I smiled at this, "Who are we facing?"


I frowned, "Wait, so it's not a mixed tag then?"

"Guess not," Nikki muttered, "But at least you're still teaming with him."

I smiled again, "Its just 3MB I guess."


"Get here!" I exclaimed.

Dean was crawling over to make a tag to me as Seth and Roman willed him on at ringside. Heath was trying to make a tag to Drew.

Their was a bit of hesitation in his eyes, but Dean slapped my hand. Drew tagged in.

I got in the ring and hit Drew with a clothesline, causing him to stumble, but not fall. I hit him once more with it and this time, he fell, but got back to his feet.

"Look at Gabby go!" Jerry exclaimed as I nailed Drew with a super kick causing him to stumble back into the corner.

I ran over and planted my elbow in his face. Drew sat by the turnbuckle as I ran over and nailed him in the chest with my feet.

Drew got up as I ran for him. Drew ducked under so I barely remained footed on the apron. Drew ran full force at me, causing me to jump from the apron.

Someone caught me and put me in bridal position.

I looked up to see Dean.

Dean gave me the cutest smile, "Hey."

"Hi," I said back.

We stared at each other as the crowd went wild.

Drew ran over, but Dean swung my feet, nailing him in the head.

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