I laid down in bed, covering my hands with my eyes. The bed sunk on the other side.

"Are you feeling better?" Dean asked, pulling me into his arms.

"Not really," I muttered, "Their was a Divas match and I was to sick to interfere."

"That's what you're worried about?" Dean asked with a smile, "It's fine."

"You know what, no it's not. Steph is never going to give me my title shot!" I buried my head in his chest.

He chuckled, "Steph has to sooner or later."

I shook my head, "Maybe you should try to convince her."

"I can't," Dean said.

"Then what do I do? I can't take all this! The Wyatts and the authority and wanting my title shot!" I groaned.

Dean kissed my forehead, "I think you need to keep bugging AJ. Shes crazy, she'll give in eventually."

"She's crazy?" I looked up at him.

"Yeah? Why? Do you disagree?"

I laughed, "No, I agree."

"Their's that beautiful laugh."

"Why are you always able to cheer me up?"

Dean shrugged, "What can I say. I'm just that awesome."

I rolled my eyes in amusement.

Dean laughed, "Listen, don't worry about the Wyatts. I won't let them come near you."

"Usually I'm not scared of much, but they scare the crap out of me," I shivered thinking about it.

"Hey, listen, how about this Saturday we go on a nice date. Just to hang out."

He was trying to get my mind off the Wyatts. It was working.

I nodded in agreement, "Lets do it."
Friday Night Smackdown:


Dean and Roman were facing Dolph and Kofi. Seth and I decided to join commentary.

"We are being join by two members of the Shield, Seth Rollins and Gabby Bryan," Michael said, "Thank you for joining us."

"Thanks for having us, Michael," Seth said with a smile.

"Now, Seth, Gabby, I want to jump right into it and ask you guys about what happened last Monday on Raw. You guys were in a six man tag team match and when it looked like Roman was about to hit the spear, Dean would tag himself in, take advantage and get the victory. It looked like their was some dissension, but you two stepped in," Cole said as they showed a replay, "I have to ask, are their cracks in the Shield?"

"We were in the heat of battle, Ambrose thought it was his time to take control of the situation. A victory is a victory Michael. Their are no cracks in the Shield," Seth said.

"I'd also like to point out that this is the first time that Dean and Roman have competed in traditional tag team action, is their a reason for that? Do they not get along behind the scenes?"

"A victory is a victory, Michael."

"You're avoiding my question, Seth. Is their problems with Ambrose and Reigns behind the scenes?"

"I was just about to answer your question, Michael, don't interrupt me," Seth paused, "Their are no problems with Ambrose and Reigns behind the scenes. We are as strong as we ever have been."

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