Monday Night Raw:

All the superstars and divas were standing on the stage. I was standing in front of the stage with the other members of the Shield.

"Hello everyone and welcome to this historic addition of Monday Night Raw!" Stephanie exclaimed from where her and Triple H were in the ring, " We are all gathered here, all of the WWE universe, all the superstars and divas on stage.."

"Represent!" I put my fist up.

"And anyone who ever put on a pair of tights and graced this ring are here to pay respect," Stephanie turned to Triple H.

"We are here tonight to celebrate the unification of the WWE and World heavyweight championships. Last night, we crowned a unified champion. So tonight, we pay honor to that man, Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome, the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion, Randy Orton!" Triple H exclaimed in his terrible announcing voice.

The crowd parted for Randy as he walked out. I glared at him as he started walking down the ramp, towards the stage.

Randy got in the ring and grabbed a microphone, "Last night, I proved to all of you that I wasn't handed everything, that when an opportunity presents itself I take advantage of it. Last week I stood in the ring with hall of famers, legends, none of them have accomplished what I have.

"As for all of you on the stage, I'm sure you're all looking at me in jealously, because where you stand is appropriate and where I stand is appropriate, because I am.."

Ok, I've had enough of this. I grabbed the microphone from my back pocket, you know what they say, always come prepared, "Randy, Shut up!"

The crowd cheered as Randy looked at the ramp, trying to find who spoke, "Who was that."

"What are you doing?!?" Dean grabbed my wrist.

"Relax, I've got it under control," I was able to get free.

I got on the ramp as the crowd cheered me on. I waved at the three in the ring, "Hey, remember me? I'm the girl who pinned Stephanie in the middle of that ring."

I laughed as Stephanie glared at me and shook let head. I gave her a fake panicked look, "Sorry, I mean Mrs, McMahon."

"How dare you interrupt me!" Randy exclaimed.

"Ok, no offense or anything, but I don't think these people paid to hear you run your mouth about how much better you are then everyone else," I grinned at the crowd before giving him a serious, "You say that you're better then all of us up here. Do you realize what you're saying?

"I mean, come on Randy, lets take a look at who's up here. Lets point out the obvious, John Cena," I pointed at him. He grinned at me, "What is he, a 14 time WWE champion? Like, Holy crap! I don't think you've held the title that many times and I mean.....he's been the United States Champion, Tag Team, Money in the Bank, Two Royal Rumble Victories, main evented tons of Wrestlemanias..... didn't you guys debut the same year or something, because I think you got some catching up to do buddy."

The crowd gave me a warm ovation as Randy shook his head and glared at me, I'm totally going to regret saying all this crap, "And another guy......I see Booker T's up here. A WWE hall of famer," I said slowly, "Think about that for a second and see where you both stand in history."

I turned back around, "And who could forget Daniel Bryan," the crowd started chanting yes, "When have you ever beaten him without some else's help?"

Daniel nodded at me. I smiled back at my brother before turning back to Randy, "Lets face it Randy, they're all better then you."

"That's not true!" Randy yelled at me, "I am the WWE Worldheavyweight! I am the unified champion and I'm not going to let some little girl disrespect me," Randy turned to the authority, "Do something!" he yelled away from the microphone, but I could hear it.

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