I slid into the ring. Sheamus went right after me with a brogue kick, almost stopping my heart. I ducked out of the way and hit him with a dropkick to the back, causing him to stumble. I waited for him to turn around before hitting him with a kick to the side of the head, causing him to fall over dazed.

I turned my attention to Punk. He was standing in the corner. I raced over and hit him with a front drop kick, causing him get in a sitting position. I ran back over and hit him with a rope aided corner dropkick.

"Yes!" I yelled as the crowd cheered me on.

I turned to the guys with a smile, "Hey, how you doing?"

Dean smirked in amusement, then pointed at Sheamus. The four of us ran over and tried getting him to his feet as the buzzer rang, signaling number 19.

Fandango came running out. Me and the guys continued going after Sheamus as Fandango and Punk fought it out.

Los Matadores music played. I glanced at the ramp to see El Torito running down. Seth went right after him to get taken down by a hurricarana.

"What kind of match is this?" I muttered to Dean.

"Tell me about it," Dean said back.

I ran over to challenge El Torito. I went for a clothesline, but he ducked out of the way and hit me with a back spring elbow.

I recovered just in time to see El Torito eliminate Fandango. Roman came from behind El Torito and lifted him over his head.

"Don't do it, Roman!" JBL exclaimed, but Roman tossed him over with ease.

Cesaro came out next. I got to my feet and hit Sheamus in the back, who was trying to eliminate Dean.

Cesaro grabbed Punk into the swing, but Seth and Dean ran interference. Cesaro was able to grab both of them and bash heads before going for the swing on Seth. I ran over and kicked him, forcing him to release Seth. I went for another kick, but Cesaro caught it and put me in the swing position.

"No! No! No!" I yelled as Cesaro started swinging me around.




"He's still going!" JBL exclaimed as I started flailing my arms around.

Cesaro finally dropped me right before 21 would come out. I held my head as I tried to get the sick feeling out of my stomach.

I heard the Wyatts theme come on and slowly lifted my head. Why now?

I rolled into a corner as Harper entered and started going after everyone. Punk and him started fighting.

Jey came out next. I finally recovered as JBL's theme came on.

I stood up as JBL took his coat off, turning his back from everyone, "Roman," I tapped his shoulder and pointed to him.

Roman ran over and dumped JBL over.

"You should know better then ever turning your back on the Shield!" Jerry exclaimed at him.

I turned my attention to the stage as Erick Rowan came out next. Now I would have to stay away from both of them. I ran over to help Seth with Jey Uso as Ryback came out.

Jey was on the apron. I raced over and hit him with a super kick causing him to fall off.

"Gabby eliminates Jey!" Cole exclaimed as I smiled in satisfaction at my elimination.

I turned around to help one of the guys, but ran straight into Harper and Rowan.

"Oh no Gabby, get out of there," Jerry mumbled as I slowly started backing up.

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