Monday Night Raw (continued)

It was time for Randy Orton's championship celebration. All the superstars and divas were standing on the stage. I wasn't standing on the stage. I was being forced to stand at guard at the end of the ramp with the other members of the Shield. I was standing next to Seth on the end. I felt like vomiting. I the fact that I had to stand here and take this made me sick.

Triple H's music hit and the CCO came walking down the ramp along with Stephanie. I felt satisfaction when I saw Stephanie. How the hell was she not injured? Beats me.

"Step back," Seth muttered as he put his arm out. I stepped back and watched Triple H and Stephanie walk past us. I saw Stephanie glance at me, but then dart her eyes away.

That's right, fear me.

Dean started to follow the two up the steel steps, "Oh, we get to go in the ring, yay!"

Seth glared at me, "Please don't make a scene."

"Depends on my mood," I told him as I walked behind him.

I climbed in the ring and stood next to Seth again. Stephanie and Triple H kissed and I covered Seth's eyes. He pushed me away and started laughing. I shrugged as I was grinning.

Triple H started speaking, "About a decade ago, Vince came up to me and he asked me who I thought the next face of the WWE would be. I looked long and hard and I looked at one man. I joined him evolution and watched him do horrible things to people, including me and my family. I watched him grow into an A+ player and I watched proudly last night when inside the Hell in a Cell, he became the face of WWE."

The camera showed me glaring at them, then it went back to Triple H, "Not some B+ player, not some sawed up troll who by the way," he turned to look at me, "Is sitting in a hospital bed right now."

I stepped forward angrily, but Seth held me back, "Cool it," he mumbled.

"So it is with great pride that I introduce you to the face of the WWE, Randy Orton."

The Apex predator walked down to the ring and got in. I glared in his direction. Him, Triple H and Stephanie hugged. In the background, I pretending to puke. I spotted all the Shield members trying to hold in there laughter.

"I think I'm going to be sick," I muttered.

They broke apart, not even noticing my little show. Stephanie spoke next, "For all of you on stage, Randy is not our champion, he is everyone's champion. He is what all of you should aspire to be. So I expect all of you to show him the respect he deserves," she handed Randy the microphone.

I leaned in towards Seth and whispered to him, "We're not on stage, that means we don't have to respect him. Lets leave, go to the bar and get drunk."

Seth shook his head, "You're one of a kind aren't you."

I grinned, "Yeah, I'm a weird one, aren't I."

Randy started talking, "Holding this title, being WWE champion makes me better then all of you."

I leaned in towards Seth again, "He sounds sick."

Seth rolled his eyes, "Will you just stop."

I zoned out for most of what Randy said until I heard Big Show's music hit. I jumped in surprise and grinned. I looked at my new partners, "That sound means its time for an ass whooping!"

Big Show appeared on the stage and started walking down. Dean, Seth and Roman all got out of the ring and started attacking him.

Maybe I should help them.

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