Chapter 39: To Many Lies

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"In here," Nikki dragged me into the hotel room. Brie came in and shut the door.

"You better not over do it," I warned as I sat on the bed.

Nikki grinned, "I wont, let me look through my stuff," Nikki grabbed her suitcase.

"I'm not sure your stuff will fit me in the front," I said.

"It'll still work, I get my stuff really tight," Nikki said as she started pulling things out.

I sighed as Brie laughed, "You get used to it."

"Make up first!" Nikki exclaimed as she set a dress on the bed that I couldn't get quite a glimpse of, other then the fact that it was black.

"I already have some on," I said, blocking her eyeliner.

"Just a little more," Nikki started fixing me up. She put on eyeliner, mascara and some tan eye shadow before getting a light pink lip stick and dabbing it on my lips.

"Beautiful, and your hair looks beautiful, like always," Nikki said as she got up and grabbed the dress, " Go put this on."

I figured I didn't have a choice. I grabbed the dress from her and entered the bathroom. I stripped my clothes down before pulling on the dress. I got my first good look of it.

It was a black dress that went a little above half way up my upper leg. Their was lace covering my arms that was black and went across the upper part of my chest, leaving a small area open. I couldn't help, but notice how well it fit my body. Nikki must have gotten really tight stuff. I also saw my make up, pretty, but simple.

I exited the bathroom and saw both Bellas grin when they saw me, "Almost done!" Nikki got up and put some diamond earrings on me, which she probably got from John. She handed me some black heels. I slipped them on.

"Ms, Gabby. You look beautiful," Brie said grinning.

I turned around and looked at the full length mirror. She was right. Everything fitted perfectly together. I smiled at my reflection, "Thank you."

"Alright, lets get going," Nikki got up and ran to the door. I looked at my reflection one last time before following them.

The three of us got picked up by Eva, who I guessed was the designated driver since she didn't drink. We arrived at a small club.

"Lets go have some fun," Brie said as we climbed out of the car.

"Yeah, Gabby, don't get to wild," Nikki nudged me with her elbow.

"We'll see," I said as we walked in.

I saw Cameron, Naomi and Nattie drinking at a table. The four of us walked over, "I love your dress!" Nattie said to me.

"Thank you," I said grinning.

"Time to buy me that drink," Nikki grabbed my arm and dragged me to the counter. I bought her a drink as she started looking around.

"Hey Gabby, your man isn't on the road you know," Nikki raised her eyebrows at me as she took a sip.


"So one of them will probably ask you to dance with them and you should," Nikki smiled widely.

"I'm engaged, Nikki," I said.

Nikki shrugged, "He doesn't have to know."

"You're so horrible," I said as we both started laughing.

"Come on girls, lets go," Cameron walked over and hip checked Nikki before walking over to where Naomi, Brie, Eva and Nattie were dancing.

Nikki walked over and started to shake her hips with the other girls. I took a deep breath and followed her over. Their was nothing more uncomfortable then this to me.

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