Monday Night Raw:


Stephanie's music came on as Raw came on the air.

"Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Monday Night Raw!" Cole announced.

"And what better way to start than with the beautiful Stephanie McMahon!" JBL exclaimed.

Stephanie came walking out, a contract in one hand and the Divas title in the other.

"Well guys, this Sunday at Hell in a Cell we will see a new Divas champion," Cole said, "And the contract for that match will be right now."

"We're going to make it official, guys!" Jerry exclaimed.

Stephanie got in the ring and walked over to the black table in the middle of the ring that had two chairs on each side and three microphones perfectly placed.

Stephanie set the Divas title at the head of the table so that the audience could see it before setting the contract in front of it.

"And that's what it's all about," Jerry said, "The Divas title."

Stephanie grabbed one of the microphones as her music stopped. She smiled at the crowd.

"Welcome to Monday Night Raw!" Stephanie exclaimed.

Stephanie continued, "We have a huge night ahead of us. In fact I can officially announce that the main event of the night will be Kane, Randy Orton and Seth Rollins," she paused as the crowd booed, "Taking on John Cena, Dean Ambrose and Gabby Bryan in a three on three street fight."

"Wow!" JBL exclaimed as the crowd cheered.

"But on Sunday we will be finding out who the true Divas champion will be," Stephanie looked back at the title, "But tonight we will be making that official."

"So lets get right to it," Stephanie said, "So ladies and gentlemen, please welcome one of the competitors for this Sunday, AJ Lee!"

AJ's music blared as she came skipping out.

"AJ had to beat Alicia Fox and Paige to get here," Cole commented.

"That is not an easy task by any means," JBL added.

AJ got in the ring, wearing her normal ring gear. She gave Stephanie a smile as she grabbed a microphone and sat down on a chair.

The crowd cheered as AJ waved at them.

Stephanie gave AJ a fake smile, "Alright and the other competitor, Gabby Bryan!"

I came walking out on the stage, wearing light blue jeans, combat boots, and a Destroy the Authority T shirt.

"Gabby has a lot of guts wearing that out here," JBL muttered.

I headed down the ramp before getting in the ring. I walked right over to my chair and sat down before putting my feet up.

"Alright, ladies," Stephanie said, "Lets get right to it."

"Ok, slow down their," I interrupted.

"Ok Steph, before you start to make this all about you, I'd like to say a few things," I said.

"Don't interrupt me," Stephanie said slowly.

The crowd oohed as I started tapping my finger against the microphone.

"I think you need to realize the situation you are in right now," I said with a serious look, "You have two people in the ring who don't like you," I leaned forward, "Don't give me a reason to have to drop you right now, Ms. McMahon."

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