"This is awesome!" Chants filled the arena as AJ and I stared each other down.

Style and Grace. I'm never going to be done. Lean on it. Welcome to the Queendom.

I straightened up and closed my eyes in annoyance as the crowd started booing.

Stephanie walked onto the ramp with a microphone in hand. She smirked my way as I stared daggers into her.

What did she want?
"Listen, I'm sorry to interrupt," Stephanie said as the crowd tried drowning out her words with boos.

"Go away! Go away!" chants filled the arena.

Stephanie laughed, "Listen, you're going to want to hear this," she looked right at me, "I'm sorry to say this, because I know the two of you were beyond ready to wrestle tonight, but I'm afraid that this match will not be happening tonight."

"What?" Cole asked in shock.

The crowd started chanting No as I shook my head in anger.

"You see, their just isn't time," Stephanie shrugged, "I mean we only have about an hour and a half left of the pay per view and I'm afraid that we'll need that for the WWE title match and the Royal Rumble match, I mean, considering those matches are far more important then a Divas title match."

"That's beyond disrespectful by Stephanie," Jerry muttered.

I didn't say anything as I paced angrily in the ring. AJ's face was motionless.

"I mean, maybe we can have this match on Superstars or Main Event."

I got out of the ring and ripped the microphone from Lillian's hand before sliding back in the ring.

"You know what, Stephanie......." my voice faded out as my mic was cut.

"I'm sorry, what was that, I can't hear you," Stephanie said.

I took a deep breath and threw my mic towards her, but Stephanie was to far away.

Stephanie laughed, "I can see that you're angry Gabby, but honestly it's nothing to get upset about, because we all knew you were going to lose, so..."

The crowd started booing very loud as I gripped the top rope, trying to calm myself.

Stephanie smirked, "Looks like my job is done. Enjoy the WWE title match," Stephanie walked off with her music.

Onscreen, Backstage:

I walked backstage, my anger obvious. Renee raced to catch up to me.

"Gabby!" I stopped and looked at her, "Can I get your thoughts on what happened out there?"

I sighed angrily, "Triple H likes to say that him and his wife know whats best for business, but to me, they know whats bad for business," the crowd cheered in the background as I paused, "Trust me when I say this Renee, this is not the last time you'll see me tonight," I walked off with Renee looking at me confused.

I tweet: 'Damn Authority. #badforbusiness'

Fans tweet:

'What the heck! I've been waiting forever to see Gabby vs AJ! #badforbusiness.'

'No! No! No! @wwe'

'I'd rather see the Divas match then the WWE title match to be obvious :/ #divasmatter'

'I want my money back @wwe.'

Brie tweets: 'I'm just as mad as all the fans are. Keep cheering. They can hear you even if they pretend not to.'

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