Wednesday Night:

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Michael Cole was sitting in a gloomy room on a chair.

"Hello ladies and gentlemen and I am here to conduct my weekly Wednesday interview tonight. Triple H was not able to attend tonight so would you please welcome my guest right now, Gabby Bryan."

"Thank you, Michael," I said as I sat in a chair near his. My red hair was pulled up into a ponytail and I was wearing a Shield's girl Shirt.

"Now Gabby, lets get right into it. This Sunday you have a match against Summer Rae in an Extreme Rules Match. Are their any nerves going into such a crazy match."

I stayed silent for a few seconds then took a breath, "I'm not going to lie. The thought of what could happen to me is pretty serious. Their are millions of ways I could get hurt in there, but theirs one thing that backs that up. Whatever pain that I go through, Summer is going to go through twice that amount."

Cole nodded, "The situation between you and Summer has gotten pretty personal."

I smirked lightly, "Honestly I think this is just the beginning. I know Summer has plenty of more ways to torture me in that brain of hers, but no matter how much she knocks me down, I'm going to come back twice as strong."

I continued, "Their is a big difference between Summer and I. I have worked my entire life to get here, I've went through blood, sweat and tears. Their were of course times I wanted to quit and once I actually did I'll admit it straight off. That's something doesn't understand, because the pain of a chair shot isn't close to the amount of pain I've been through since last Summer. That means I'm ammune to to it. Summer has no idea what she's getting herself into, siding with Evolution and the rest of the authority."

"Speaking of Evolution, your Shield brothers will be competing against them this Sunday."

I nodded, "That's right. Evolution is over their head to be honest, Cole. Their time is up. They dominated WWE for years, but the future is now and the Shield is the future."

Cole nodded, "One more question, do you and your Shield brothers have any strategy going into Extreme Rules?"

I smiled at him, "If I told you, it wouldn't be a secret now would it? Lets just say we'll see what happens." I winked at him.


I was pacing nervously in place. My heart was pounding out of my chest.


I turned around and saw Dean smiling at me, ring gear already on.

"A little," I admitted.

"Hey, you know you still have to manage us before your match," Dean reminded me, stroking my hair.

I moved my head away, "What the heck."

Dean chuckled, "I like your hair."

I laughed lightly and ran my hand through his hair, "I like yours too," I smiled widely, "Are you nervous?"

Dean shrugged, "Nah."

"You're never nervous," I said.

"I don't have any reason. I know I'm going to win."

"You know what, me too," I nodded my head at him.

I tweet: I #havenofear for this match tonight. Summer, you better know that if you're going to survive tonight.

I also tweet: 'Extreme Rules is in one hour! You don't want to miss all the amazing action tonight!'

One hour later...

I had finally put on my ring gear for the night with my black skinny jeans, combat boots, black fingerless gloves and a above the belly T Shirt that says Shield's Girl on the front with #Havenofear on the back.

I was currently at catering as Extreme Rules was officially starting. I watched a near by TV screen as I munched on some Strawberries in front of me.

"Gabaru," I looked up to see Seth sitting next to me. He grabbed one of my strawberries.

I frowned at him, "That was mine."

Seth took a bite, "Too late."

I rolled my eyes with a smile, "So, how's it hanging?"

"I heard a bit of news about you and Mr. Ambrose."

I knew what he was talking about, "And what was that."

"That you guys are moving in with each other," Seth smirked at me, "And I called it. I called it all within the first month I knew you."

I gave him a slow clap.

Seth bowed, then looked back at me, "So, where you guys Livin?"

"Aberdeen," I told him, "I've actually been looking at some houses and I think I got one. Dean and I are going to go look at it this weekend."

"Well isn't that sweet," Seth chuckled.

"How's you and your girl?" I asked.

Seth nodded, "Good."

"I never hear you talk about her. I've never even met her."

"Someday," Seth assured.

I felt someone tickled my neck and I spun around away in alarm.

"Hey," Roman went to sit on the other side of me.

"Hey Ro Ro," I said.

Roman gave me a blank stare, "Gab Gab."

I laughed lightly.

Seth smiled at us, "Where's crazy?"

"Hey, don't call him that," I said.

Seth laughed, "Well when I do call him that then everyone obviously knows who I'm talking about."

Roman shook his head, "Dean should be here soon."

"Is it strategy time?" I rubbed my hands together, "Can I help."

"You and your little devious mind can help," Seth assured.

I winked at him.

Dean came walking over a few seconds later and sat in the last seat between Seth and Roman, "You guys took my seats."

"Your seats?" Roman asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Any seat by Gabby is Dean's seat," Seth muttered.

I blushed lightly, "Lets get planning!"

"Ok," Roman said, "So we've got Evolution tonight."

"One of the greatest factions in WWE History," I said, then added, "But not greater then the Shield."

They nodded in agreement.

"I've got something, I'll start the match..." Seth started, "Then we just tag back and forth like we normally do, quick tags ya da ya da."

"I have a feeling this match will be different," I said.

Dean nodded, "And we'll be ready for it."

I tweet: 'It's game time.'
Return of the hashtags!

Anyways here's a update for y'all. Kind of a getting ready for Extreme Rules thing. Next Chap the Shield will face Evolution and the start of Gabby vs Summer........ and it may or may not be a cliffhanger.......Hope you enjoyed!

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