Monday Night Raw:

"You're cleared."

"Yes!" Dean exclaimed. I could tell he was getting into his crazy happy mood.

"If your head starts hurting, let me know," the doctor warned.

"He will," I assured as we walked out.

"God yes," Dean said, "Ready to get back in there and mix it up."

I smiled, "Yeah, I'm glad you're better."

Dean raised his eyebrows, "Are you sad you don't get to do the six mans anymore?"

"No," I shook my head, "Maybe we can do some eight mans."

Dean pulled his arm around me, "Defiantly."

I tweet: 'Hey Batista: #skinnyjeansforlife.'

I tweet: '#crazysback, all the superstars better be on notice.'

In the ring:

"Go Dean!" I exclaimed as Big E got the hot tag and started taking control of Dean. His head didn't seem to be bothering him, so that was good.

Seth tried to help Dean, but instead got knocked off by Golddust. Golddust jumped off the apron and flipped over, landing on Seth.

I averted my eyes back to the ring. Dean was starting to fight back, but instead got hit with a clothesline. Big e did his his splash before going for the pin.

"Thank you," I muttered when Roman broke up the pin.

Cody ran in the ring and went for a disaster kick, but instead got knocked out by a superman punch.

"Yes!" I exclaimed as I started really getting pumped up.

Golddust ran to run interference but ran straight into a spear. Big E was finally able to get Roman out of the ring.

Dean ran behind and quickly knocked Big E on his knees before tagging in Seth. Seth finished it off with a blackout.

Seth pinned Big E for the win.

I slid in the ring and hugged Seth.

"Yay, I got a Gabby hug!" Seth exclaimed. I laughed.

The four of us walked over to the barricade and got over.

"The Shield are ready for the rumble," JBL said.


This Friday AJ had been able commentate for my match so tonight I got to commentate for her match.

I honestly couldn't wait to face her this Sunday. Not only was I getting a shot at the Divas title, but I knew we could also have a great match.

"Hello, Gabby," JBL greeted as I put the headset on and sat in the chair next to him.

"Hello John, Jerry, Michael," I greeted.

The Bellas music came on and Brie and Nikki appeared and started walking down the ramp.

"And we are set for divas action with Brie taking on AJ, you know Gabby you had some disagreements with Brie in the last," Michael pointed out.

"And we worked all the issues out," I said, "Brie and I are just as close as we ever have been."

AJ's music came on and she came skipping down the ring, followed by Tamina. I watched in silence as AJ slid in the ring.

"And here's your opponent for this Sunday, Gabby."

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