Friday Night Smackdown:


I paced nervously across the locker room. The Shield were watching me. We had been like this for the past ten minutes. My heart was already thudding. The thought of being in the ring with Bray Wyatt made my spine shiver. For the first time in a long, I was literally scared.

"Listen, it can't be that bad," Seth broke the silence.

I stopped and looked at him, "Are you kidding me? Let me describe the situation to you. I have to go one on one with Bray Wyatt, Bray Wyatt. Guess what else, you guys can't be at ringside and Luke Harper and Eric Rowan are going to be at ringside."

Seth interrupted before I could go any farther, "Maybe Bray Wyatt will have sympathy for you."

"You do realize you just put Bray Wyatt and sympathy in the same sentence. Bray Wyatt doesn't care about anyone. He's been taking control of WWE for the months," I sat in between Seth and Dean, "I'm going to die. I am going to get my ass kicked, then I'm going to die."

I felt someone lay there arm across my shoulder. I looked up at Dean, "It'll be alright, we'll be out there as soon as the match is done," he paused and raised his eyebrows, "Ok."

I sank into his arms and right away felt the fear subside, "Ok."

I jumped in surprise when I heard my phone ring. I slid it out of my pocket and checked the name. I felt Dean look over my shoulder, then pull away and let out a grunt of disgust. My heart ached as he did so. I got up and walked over to be alone before answering the phone.

"Hey," I greeted, sitting on the ground.

"Hey, came to check on ya," Andy said, "What is happening on Smackdown, are you in a match?"

I sighed, I wouldn't tell him, but I know he would watch Smackdown, "I have a match against Bray Wyatt."

The other end of the line became quiet, "You have to face that creep? It's all the Shield's fault!"

"No it's not! It was all my fault!" I exclaimed quickly.

"I bet it was that Dean guys idea.."

"It wasn't!" I assured him.

Right in the middle of our conversation, Andy suddenly yelled, "Oh, I have to go."

"What are you talking about? We just started talking!" I exclaimed, when Andy had called, I was expecting an hour long conversation.

"We'll talk later."

"Why can't we talk now? What is so important that its more important then me?"

Andy didn't hesitate, "I just have to go, love you, bye."

Andy hung up. I was so confused. Why had he had to hang up so early? Why was he acting so weird and what was he doing?


The Shield's music played as I walked from the ramp. I was wearing my normal shield gear just like earlier that night. I would have gone down through the crowd, but it just would have given me more to worry about. I didn't do my taunt or tag any hands. I rolled into the ring and took a deep breath. I placed my hands on my head and started pacing.

The arena went black as Bray and his two followers appeared on screen. Bray lot his candle and whispered, "We're here," before blowing it out.

The Wyatts theme started to play as there lantern appeared on stage. I held onto the ropes tightly to not lose my way. The lights came back on as Bray was sitting on his chair, flanked by Rowan and Harper. Bray got up and took his vest and hat off.

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