I winced as the doctor felt my shoulder, "Does it hurt when I press right here?" He asked.

I wanted to lie, but I decided

not to, "Yes," I muttered, a bit disappointed.

The doctor backed up, "Then I'm afraid you aren't clear yet. You can come back next week and I can check again."

I put my head on my hands, "I just want to kick Stephanie's ass!" I yelled.

The doc. laughed as I looked up, "I hate to burst your bubble, but your plan might not go as you think."

"I know," I muttered, getting off of the chair he made me sit at.

Someone knocked on the door and Dean poked his head in, "Can I come in?"

"Yep," the doc. answered as Dean stood by me.

"She cleared?"

The doc. shook his head, "Might be one week, might be two. It depends I guess."

"Alright, lets go," Dean motioned and I followed him out.

I didn't say anything until he did, "That sucks that you aren't cleared."

"Yeah, I mean, it's not like I'm actually a signed wrestler, so I guess it doesn't matter," I muttered.

Dean opened the door and I walked into their locker room. Seth or Roman weren't their.

"I got you something," Dean said and handed me a bag.

I opened it and just about puked. Shield attire.

"Please don't make me wear this," I begged.

"You can take it up with Seth," Dean said, shrugging.

"Ok, I will," I said, putting it down and sitting on a chair, crossing my arms.

Dean smirked, "You want me to grab you something for catering?"

"A water would be nice," I said. Dean left.

I looked around the room and tapped my foot boredly. I looked around the room and noticed that Dean had left his phone. I grabbed it and went on twitter.

I tweet: "Still not cleared yet. :(

Then suddenly I realize something, what am I doing on twitter?

I quickly texted Brie.

Me: Hey Brie, it's Gabby

Brie: Is someone prank texting me?

Me: No, it is actually me. I got Dean's phone.

Brie: Fine, I guess I'll have to trust you. Where are you?

Me: In some private locker room the Shield have. Are you at the arena?

Brie: Yep, do you want me to try to find you?

Me: That probably wouldn't be a smart thing, so no.

Brie: Then what should I do?

Me: I don't know, I didn't know who else to talk to!

I nearly had a heart attack when the door opened and I threw the phone away quickly. I looked over and saw Dean, Seth and Roman all standing by the door.

Dean walked past me and grabbed his phone, "Who were you texting?"

"No.......one," I said, trying to act normal.

"Brie, huh?" Dean figured it out as he scrolled through my past messages to her.

I changed the subject, "Thought you were going to get me some water."

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