"I'm going to miss you!" my mom hugged me.

"Mom, I'll be back in a week for the Slammys," I reminded her.

My mom shook her head, "I know...even that's to long."

My dad walked up next and kissed me on the forehead before hugging me, "Remember to get us those tickets."

"I will," I promised.

I turned to Charlotte. She had a sad look on her face, "Take me with you!"

I chuckled, "Sorry, I can't."

She squeezed me into a hug, "I'm choking!"

"Sorry," Charlotte let go of me, "It's not the same without you here."

"I know," I muttered, "But I need to follow my dream."

My mom, dad and Charlotte had come to say goodbye to me at the airport. I wasn't surprised at all that Andy didn't come. We needed time apart.

My mom hugged Dean, which made me smile, "Always feel free to come back, sweetie," my mom said.

Sweetie........ haha.

"Thank you," Dean said.

My dad shook his hand, "You seem like a pretty good guy."

"Thank you, sir," Dean dipped his head.

"Bye, Deanie!" Charlotte laughed as she hugged him. I saw her whisper something in his ear. but I didn't catch it.

"I love you all!" I said as we prepared to depart. I was so sad, but it would only be for a few days. Then I would come back for Raw. I had already gotten tickets for my mom, dad Charlotte and a friend, and also two extra tickets. I was going to see whether I wanted to give them to Andy or not.

My heart ached as Dean and I climbed on the plane. I sat down by the window and Dean sat next to me.

"Back to work," Dean commented.

"Yep," I muttered.

We were quiet for the take off, afterwards I spoke, "I'm nervous to see Brie."

Dean chuckled, "Still on bad terms with her?"

"Yeah, I haven't talked to Bryan since he got taken by the Wyatts."

Dean nodded, "He knows how to take care of himself, he should be alright."

I muttered that I agreed. I grabbed my carry on bag and pulled out my notebook. I hadn't drawn in so long.

"What should I draw?" I asked Dean.

"How about a picture of The Shield," he suggested, "All four of us."

"Alright," I started drawing.

The plane was mostly quiet with me and Dean talking on and off. I was sort of relieved when we finally landed.

"Right to Raw," Dean commented.

"Is someone picking us up?" I asked.

"Yeah, Seth is," Dean sat on a bench and I sat next to him.

Seth came about ten minutes later. I've got to admit, I missed his joking attitude and his awesome hair.

Seth got out of the car and walked over to us, "Hey!!" he exclaimed.

"Hey," I got to my feet and followed the two guys over to Seth's car. I got in the back as Seth drives and Dean got in the passengers seat.

"So, how was your holiday?" Seth asked.

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