I was packing up my things. I was going to Cabo with the girls for three nights.

Dean walked in the room and walked over to me. We stood their silently for a second.

"I'm going to miss you," I said, looking up at him.

Dean smiled down at me, "I'm going to miss you more."

I didn't want to leave him for three nights. I might die. I couldn't believe I had lived life without him before.

"Maybe I should just not go," I took a shirt out, but Dean threw it back in.

"You need to go. Get your mind off work for a few days and just go and have fun," Dean put an arm over my shoulder.

"Drive me to the airport?" I asked.

"Yeah," Dean answered.

I rolled my suitcase downstairs as we walked to the car. I threw my suitcase in the backseat before climbing in the front. Dean drove us out of the parking lot.

"I'm kind of nervous to go," I commented.

"What are you nervous about?" Dean asked.

"Well......... Whenever I drink I always say and do weird things and I won't even remember it," I started, "And I know that their will be drinks there and in my mind I'm thinking that I have to get drunk, because all the other girls obviously will be."

"You don't have to get drunk, if they're drunk they won't notice you not getting drunk. Just have a drink or two," Dean paused, "Wouldn't want you telling them anything you might regret."

I nodded in agreement, "Yeah, I'll just have a few and not over do it."

We pulled into the airport. I climbed out of the car. Dean took my suitcase out for me.

"Gabby!" I turned around to see Nikki approaching me, Brie following her. I exchanged a glance with Dean.

"Hey, Dean," Nikki gave me a smirk.

"Hey Nikki, Brie," Dean greeted.

"Hi," Brie looked at me, "We're meeting the other girls inside. They already texted me and said they were waiting for us."

"Ok," I turned to Dean. I didn't even get to give him a goodbye kiss, "Thank you for driving me."

Dean smiled and pulled me into a hug, "Love you," he whispered so that Brie or Nikki couldn't hear.

"Love you," I whispered back before pulling away.

I watched as the car drove away.

"Lets go," Nikki cheered as she led the way into the airport.

Nattie, Cameron and Eva were talking when we made it in.

"Hey!" Eva exclaimed.

"Hey, who's ready to get crazy!" Nikki exclaimed.

"Brie mode time!" Cameron exclaimed as she walked to the plane. I took the rear.

I got on the plane and ended up sitting next to Eva. The plane took off.

"You excited?" I asked Eva, wanting to make conversation.

Eva shrugged, "Yeah."

That was an unsure yes.

"I'm a little nervous about the drinking part, because I don't want to get to crazy.." I muttered.

Eva chuckled, "Yeah."

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