Today was my last day at home. Daniel, Brie, Zach, Charlotte, Dean and I were all going to go out for dinner.

I was getting ready in the bathroom. I was wearing a simple short black dress with heels. I had gotten used to them as of late.

Brie knocked and walked in. She smiled when she saw me, "You look pretty."

She was wearing a pretty red dress with heels. She could walk in the things like they were bare feet.

"You too," I said back.

"Where's Charlotte?" Brie asked. She was going to come over early to get ready.

I snorted, "Who knows."

"She's a little crazy, isn't she?"

"That's why I love her," I giggled, "Anyways, lets go to the kitchen."

Daniel and Dean were in there. Over the past few days the two had defiantly been talking more and getting along. Daniel was so humble and excepting of people I knew he would.

"You boys ready?" Brie asked as we appeared.

"You look beautiful," Dean walked over to me.

"You look hot," I said back.

Dean chuckled, "Why thank you."

"Hey, guys, take it easy," Daniel said.

I laughed, "Dont worry, we'll keep it to a minimum with you around."

The door knocked. I ran to answer it. Charlotte and Zach were standing their.

"Hello, my peeps," Charlotte walked in, "Ah, look at everyone all dressed up."

"I know, this never happens," Dean said, "Except for you."

Charlotte laughed, "Hey, when you look this good, you have to show it."

"Ok, calm down, calm down," I said, holding my laughter in.

"We have to tease each other," Charlotte said, amusement Im her tone.

"Can we go," Daniel said.

"Agreed," Brie added.

"Ok, to the Charlotte mobile!" Charlotte led the way.

Zach got in the drivers seat. Brie and I decided to sit in the back together so Daniel or Dean wouldn't have to squeeze in.

"Where are we going?" Brie asked Zach.

"It's a surprise," Zach answered.

I sighed, "Can't you just tell us!"

"I'm just kidding. Its just a normal fancy restaurant," Zach said with a laugh.

Him and Charlotte were two of a kind.

We finally got there. I remembered the place. It brought back bad memories. Memories I'd rather not bring up.

We all sat at a big table. I sat next to Dean and Daniel.

"Alright, what can I get for drinks," the waitress asked.

"Ummm.." I said, "Red wine."

"How about all the same thing," Brie said.

"Yeah, except for her," I pointed to Charlotte.

Charlotte pouted, "Why must you torture me."

"Poor, poor, Charlotte," Dean muttered, shaking his head as he read through the menu.

"What can I get you, Ms?" the waitress asked Charlotte.

"Water is fine," Charlotte mumbled.

"Ok, I'll be back," she walked off.

Charlotte sighed out loud, "So, whats new with you guys?"

"Our wedding is in about a month," Brie mentioned.

"Oh yeah, yay!" Charlotte exclaimed.

"And Wrestlemania in the same week," I added.

"Oh yeah. I heard Daniel has a pretty important match," Charlotte mentioned.

"Triple H," Daniel said, "If I win I get to be in the main event championship match."

"You mean when you win," Zach said.

"You bet," Daniel agreed.

"I don't have a match yet, but it's only a matter of time," Dean said.

"I'm hoping the same, but....." I paused.

"What?" Dean asked.

"Theirs usually only one divas match, so I don't know," I muttered.

"Hey, you never know," Zach said.

"You will be in a match, Gabby," Charlotte said, "Maybe against Brie."

Brie snorted, "If its for the divas championship, I'm in."

"I wish," I muttered, "Theirs no way they're going to give me a title shot."

"Yeah, you are on the authority's bad side," Daniel muttered.

I snorted, "So are you!"

Daniel laughed. I couldn't help, but laugh with him, "Yeah, but it's more just Triple H. You're on his, Stephanie's and Kane's."

"Thanks for the reminder."

"No problem."

They brought us our food. I dug right into my steak.

We continued talking. We talked mostly about wrestling, our relationships, Brie and Daniels wedding and Charlottes soon to be new house.

"So, you guys want to go a club?" Dean looked at Charlotte mockingly.

"You suck, Ambrose."

"I did nothing."

"Hey, just because I'm pregnant doesn't mean I don't know how to party," Charlotte said, "I won't get drunk."

"I'm excited to see how you act when you're not drunk at a club," I told her.

"I don't need drinks to have a good time," Charlotte said.

Even if we did have to leave early for our flight the next morning, we all decided to go anyways.

I made my very poor decision of getting to drunk.

Dean had to carry me back to my parents house. Thankfully, they weren't awake.


"Time to get up," I blinked my eyes open to see Dean standing over me.

I had a huge headache. Hopefully it would be over by the time I got to Raw.

"Don't want to get up," I put my pillow over my head.

Dean slid his hands to my stomach and started tickling me. I giggled, "Ok! I'm getting up!"

Dean helped me out of bed. I got dressed in jeans and a Shield T shirt before packing up my other stuff.

"You sad your leaving?" Dean wrapped an arm around me.

I shrugged, "A little. I'll be back though."

We walked into the kitchen. Daniel and Brie already looked ready to go.

Time to go back to work.
This chapter was super random, but random is better then nothing, right? ;).

Anyways, just wanted to let you all know that if you ever have any ideas for the book, tell me. Do you want more Dean and Gabby moments or more Raw or anything, just say it!

Wrestlemania is coming up! I'm excited to write the chapters for that, plus Daniel and Bries wedding! It is all pretty soon, but first the road to Wrestlemania continues!

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