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The Truth He Holds (Thefamousfilms) by Bubblespop2007
The Truth He Holds (Thefamousfilms)by Zena Wolfmoon
It has been a year since Bryan has seen Springtrap. But, after a few months, Bryan keeps having headaches; what is happening to our good friend Bryan? (Agrace932 origina...
A Siblings Bond by Bubblespop2007
A Siblings Bondby Zena Wolfmoon
Molten's been acting strange since Bryan's been at the pizzeria. He'd be watching over Bryan, and whenever Bryan fell asleep, he'd pick up Bryan, put him in a different...
TheFamousFilms wtf- by AceTheLes
TheFamousFilms wtf-by AforAce
Give me requests, ships, whatever relating with TheFamousFilms 😌
Team Edge's regret (Team Edge X Reader) by whydoilikeanimealot
Team Edge's regret (Team Edge X
(Y/n) was hired as the editor of Team Edge but what happens when they change? Milestones: 60 reads ( 23/12/17) 100 reads (1/1/18) 150 reads (5/1/18) 5k reads (20/5/20)
Bryan's Older Brother?! Why Do We Recognize Him?! by AmaterasuRyuubi
Bryan's Older Brother?! Why Do Neutral Chara
Bryan had come to the pizzeria with someone and that person is his older brother.
Wires and Blood (A TheFamousFilms fan-fiction) -ON HOLD- by KomaniKat
Wires and Blood (A K0maniKat
It's a normal day in Freddy Land. Well, as normal as it can be when your 'friends' are walking, talking animatronics. Bryan walks through the park. Someone is watching...
The Other Brother: Bryan x Reader (Team Edge) by TrashBinDeluxe
The Other Brother: Bryan x 😁❤Rhea❤😁
Y/n = Your Name M/n= Middle Name L/n= Last Name Mom/N = Mothers Name Dad/N = Fathers Name Ex/Bf/N = Ex-Boyfriend Name Ex/Bff/N = Ex BestFriend Name Bff/N = Best Friend N...
Bryan's From WHERE?!(A TheFamousFilms Fan-made Story) by GhostChildEmi
Bryan's From WHERE?!(A Emily Winter
What if Bryan was from a different world and had people he called FAMILY there? What if he came here to have a job like the Molten from his Universe had? What if Bryan...
My love  by RainbowSkys_XD
My love by YourMysticalCreator
This is a book that will contain some threats murder some Smut stuff and much other stuff if you are not interested in stuff like this well then this book isn't foe you...
Cinta Terakhir Mas Duda [TBC] by BabuBuba_
Cinta Terakhir Mas Duda [TBC]by juharyh
Ketika sang Duda anak satu yang masuk ke kehidupanku. Mengutarakan cintanya dan mengajakku untuk hidup bersamanya. Haruskah aku menerimanya? Sedangkan aku masih punya hu...
My Human Mate by i_being_myself
My Human Mateby Nisha Amol
If I was granted a boon, I would ask for a birth as your teardrop! Coz, I could take birth in your eyes. Live in your cheeks and Die in your lips... ********** Many don'...
Interracial Imagines for our lovely Tik Tok boys🥰
WWE IMAGINES & PREFERENCES by lunatic_of_tomorrow
WWE IMAGINES & PREFERENCESby i run the asylum
Hope everyone is safe & well♡ DM for requests
Portal Timer and Time Travel  by CreativeNameNotFound
Portal Timer and Time Travel by Azel
Steve and Bryan successfully separate themselves using the Portal Timer, but end up throwing themselves back in time too. Now back at the first pizzeria, Bryan has to ac...
Thefamusfilms one shots  by RainbowSkys_XD
Thefamusfilms one shots by YourMysticalCreator
Hello in this story you can give me some ship requests and I'll do them
Do you remeber? (Finnished)  by GalaxyWolfyFoxy
Do you remeber? (Finnished) by GalaxyWolfyFoxy
This takes place in the Freddyland. The twisted animatronic's are always coming and they want the secret from Bryan and he dosen't know what it is. What happens when the...
I'm the new mother of the creepypasta by Itzcrystall0816
I'm the new mother of the Itzcrystall 0816
What would happen if Bryan become the new or first mother of the creepypasta 'Bryan was just wondering around a forest nothing wrong here right? Well the forest he was w...
Love Elevator by miss_oline
Love Elevatorby Caroline
Libby was a human girl that's full of pranks. She's running from her arranged marriage using the elevator. Dominic was a werewolf. He was an alpha of a powerful pack and...
Love & Rodeo by painted_rodeo14
Love & Rodeoby painted_rodeo14
Keslie, is a 19 year old girl that has never been interested in boys but as she walks behind the chutes she sees his dark brown eyes meet hers can this change it all?
The Strongest Owner! [Thefamousfilms] *completed* by Moonshadow193
The Strongest Owner! [ Moonshadow193
bryan bought a pizzaria & themepark but what he didnt know were all the secrets and dangers that were coming his way ill take you into my domain :3 ALSO STORY PIC MADE B...