show must go on || queen talks by gadaboutxchris
show must go on || queen talksby rami's jawline
Gdzie Fred mówi do wszystkich "kochanie" uwielbia swoje kotki, i jest jeszcze bardziej gay niż normalnie. Roger protestuje jak zwykle, John ma wyjebane a Brian...
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My Human Mate by i_being_myself
My Human Mateby Nisha Amol
Under editing | You can still read though | ********** If I was granted a boon, I would ask for a birth as your teardrop! Coz, I could take birth in your eyes. Live in...
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You're Still The One by a_man_duh22
You're Still The Oneby Amanda
What happens when Luke runs into a girl from his past at one of his meet and greets? Will they get along or will they resent each other? Only one way to find out.
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Out of Nowhere, Girl --- A Sequel by Maxi-1998
Out of Nowhere, Girl --- A Sequelby Maxi J.
(Second book to I'm Not Your Girl, Luke) (FYI, @learod16 had helped me figure out the name for this book.) Fifteen years had passed since Megan Smith had been in the yea...
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Hi5 Studios/Team Edge/REKT preferences by foxythefoxpiratechil
Hi5 Studios/Team Edge/REKT Foxy the Fox pirate Child
People that are included are: Tanner Gunner J-Fred Connor Bryan Woods/Woodland Mike Matthias Sam And Paul
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Team Edge One-Shots X Reader by Like-A-Riddle
Team Edge One-Shots X Readerby FANGIRL
Team Edge one-shots, obviously. If you really LOVE Team Edge and Hi5 or anything like that. Please come in and check out the stories! ;)
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COMPLETE: J-Fred X Reader Book 3 by 0ran9ez
COMPLETE: J-Fred X Reader Book 3by Arkis
"Bryan, it's my fault! I did it! What do I do, I can/t live with this b--" "(Y/N) IT WAS NOT YOUR FAULT SO STOP!" I stopped and looked at him in shoc...
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Detroit Become Human Oneshots by CrimsonReaper3513
Detroit Become Human Oneshotsby CrimsonReaper3513
Out of the box oneshots of everyone's favorite adorable deviant Connor :3! NOTE!!! NONE OF THE GIFS OR PICTURES USED ARE MINE!!!!! DETROIT BECOME HUMAN BELONGS TO QUANT...
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Sex With My Uncle (Jos Canela Y Tu) by ElenaHernndez1
Sex With My Uncle (Jos Canela Y Tu)by Elena Hernández
No Puedo creer que que haya tenido sexo con mi tío.....Si como leyeron. Yo ___ Miranda Canela acabo de tener sexo con mi tío Jos Canela Pero que pasará después? Todo...
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COMPLETE: J-Fred x Reader Book 2 by 0ran9ez
COMPLETE: J-Fred x Reader Book 2by Arkis
A few months ago, Joey proposed to (Y/N) at Disneyland and now they're counting down the days to get married, after that, strange things start to happen... then again, w...
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COMPLETE: Bobby X Reader by 0ran9ez
COMPLETE: Bobby X Readerby Arkis
It's not often to see Kevin at his house so he needed somebody to keep up on the house. Who do you think makes all his suits? An important business meeting comes by, whi...
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You Are My Daydream [Tanner x Paul Hi5 Fanfiction] by mmkg1517
You Are My Daydream [Tanner x MMKG
A love story between Paul and Tanner from Hi5 Studios. Their one of my favorite ships, but their is only one storie on it and its: "Most Beautiful Person in Hi5(Tan...
  • tannerxpaul
  • paul
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Hi5 Universe One Shots by WhiteWolf1212
Hi5 Universe One Shotsby WhiteWolf
Requests are open! I do not accept smut, so please do not ask for it. Other than that, I hope you enjoy :)
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COMPLETE: J-Fred x Reader by 0ran9ez
COMPLETE: J-Fred x Readerby Arkis
You and Joey have been friends since high school and things start to get real when the shot hots the fan. That's when an unsuspecting romance buds. Someone sets up a dat...
  • rekt
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WWE IMAGINES & PREFERENCES by lunatic_of_tomorrow
WWE IMAGINES & PREFERENCESby i run the asylum
Requests Are Open ___________________ Imagines and preferences of WWE Superstars
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One Shots. | Random. by KarlTheAuthor
One Shots. | ✧k.
A book of random one shots that I wrote in my spare time because who doesn't love one shot books? + book of one shots tailored to fit my feels like a glove. + ×...
  • tom
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Making My Way To You: A Cole Swindell FanFiction by Amanda3325
Making My Way To You: A Cole Amanda
Cole and Bridgette have been best friends since they were kids. Bridgette was always on the reserved side and never got herself into trouble. That is, unless she was try...
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Most Beautiful Person in Hi5 (Tanner X Paul) by YouTube_is_Fanfic
Most Beautiful Person in Hi5 ( YouTube
Aye. Hi5. I don't know if anyone else ships this, but Ok! HATE IS ALLOWED BECAUSE I KNOW THIS STORY IS GONNA BE TERRIBLE!!!!
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Take My Hand (A Jon Bon Jovi Story) by TWDJoviGirl
Take My Hand (A Jon Bon Jovi Story)by Ems
Hey. My name is Sandra Grace Callaghan but most people just call me Sandy. The story I'm about to tell you is how I came to fall in love with the biggest Rockstar in t...
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Bryan Dechart Pictures & Gifs by RK800Deviant
Bryan Dechart Pictures & Gifsby Connor
Because he is a Photo GOD!
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