Dean and I were preparing to go have breakfast with Roman and his family. I was excited, because I hadn't gotten to see them in a year, so this should be fun.

Dean and I had reached the restraint first and we each took seats on the same side of a six person table.

"You know, it's nice just to relax for a second and not have to worry about all this stuff," Dean commented as he looked through the menu.

"Yeah, but I'm so nervous for tomorrow," I muttered.

"Hey, you're going to beat her a**, don't worry about it," Dean assured me.

"Thanks for the reassurance," I said.

"Look! There they are!" I heard a kiddish voice say. I turned around to see JoJo, Roman's daughter, running over excitedly.

I stood up as she came running over. She ran over to me and gave me a hug.

"Hi, Aunt Fox," she said with a huge smile.

"Hey, Jo," I said.

She looked over at Dean, "Hi, Uncle Peanut Butter!"

Good old nicknames. I loved them.

"Hey, Peanut," Dean said with a smile.

"Hey, guys," Roman walked up with his wife, Galina, beside him.

"Hey, brother," I said to him.

Roman, Galina and JoJo went over to sit across from us.

"Ok, hurry up and decide what you want so we can order, I'm hungry," I said jokingly.

We all ordered. I ordered my favorite thing. Pancakes.

"So, I heard," Galina mentioned. "Where's the ring."

I held it up. She smiled widely, "It's so beautiful."

"Thank you," I said, "Dean actually picked it out."

"I helped," Roman added.

"You went with him?" I asked.

"I dragged him with," Dean said, "But don't worry, I picked it out."

"Uncle Peanut Butter and Aunt Fox are getting married!" JoJo exclaimed excitedly, "Can I come to the wedding?"

"You'll be the first person on the guest list," I assured her.

"I can't wait!" she squealed, "Can you get married tomorrow!"

I laughed in amusement as Galina said, "They have to plan the wedding first, sweet heart."

"Can I come and pick your dress?" JoJo continued, "It should be pink with purple flowers on it! And you should wear a tiara! Than you can be a princess!"

Oh my god, she was the cutest thing ever.

"Yeah, I agree with JoJo," Dean said, "You should wear a tiara."

I smiled over at him.

"Princess Gabby," Roman said.

"Well if I wear a tiara, than Dean has to wear a crown," I said.

"But none of the Disney princes wear crowns!" JoJo exclaimed.

Wow. I hadn't even realized that.

The waitress came over with our food. JoJo immediately turned to her, "Guess what! My Uncle Peanut Butter and Aunt Fox are getting married."

So. Freakin. Cute.

The waitress smiled, "That's great."

JoJo continued smiling as she ate her food. I couldn't stop smiling. She was literally the cutest thing ever. I wanted one.

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