Monday Night Raw:


Of course I had been expecting it. All week I had been mentally preparing myself for the moment those words came out of their mouth. But actually hearing those words sent a pain in my heart, a sense of heartbreak and a feeling to just give up that I hadn't experienced since....... since I had to join the authority.

It was the worst feeling in the world. I wasn't even aware of my surroundings around me. The confetti that had started to fall around me seemed to be moving in slow motion. It didn't seem real. It couldn't be real.

But everytime I closed my eyes, I opened them to see the same scene.

I looked over at Rowan and Dolph. Rowan was staring at his sheep mask, a saddened look on his face. A few months ago I thought I would never have felt sorry for him, but now I did.

Dolph was sitting in the corner on the bottom rope. His chin was laid on his hands as he stared blankly at the ring. Seeing Dolph so sad was a very rare cause and it broke my heart even more.

Than their was John Cena. John was looking forward in disbelief. He kept looking from me, to Dolph, to Rowan, than back.

Dolph suddenly stood up, looked at Cena one more time before he left the ring. Rowan followed him. I watched my two team mates walk up the ramp. When they were about halfway, John walked to me.

"I'm so sorry, Gabby," John said.

I shook my head and just stared at the ground.

John sighed and looked back down at the ground as well. After a while he left the ring, leaving me there all by myself.

I sat down suddenly and stared down at the mat. The mat that I had fallen in love with ever since I started this journey. I closed my eyes as the crowd started chanting my name. The last chant that I would probably hear ever well I was in a WWE ring.

I slowly stood up and got out of the ring before jumping to the floor. I started walking up the ramp, each step seeming like forever.

When I reached the stage, I took one last look at the ring before I turned right back around and disappeared from sight.


As soon as I got backstage, Dolph and Rowan were waiting for me. I instantly walked over and gave Dolph a hug, which he returned.

"I'm going to miss ya, Gabby," Dolph muttered.

I nodded at him, "I'm going to miss you, too."

I looked over at Rowan. He was having trouble meeting my eyes.

"Rowan," I said, "You're a really good person."

Rowan nodded in appreciation. I cast them one more look before I started walking down the hall again, only to get stopped.


"Excuse me, Gabby," Renee said.

I stopped beside her.

"Gabby, you've have been on such a roll as of late and now you've just been fired..." Renee stopped, as if speechless and put the microphone under my mouth.

I shook my head, "I have worked so hard to get to where I am today and for it to just be taken away without Stephanie and Triple H even flinching.... it hurts, Renee."

I sniffed, "I guess I just feel like I have been giving the divas the chance that they deserved to come out here and prove that we can steal the show just as much as the guys could and... for what?

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