Safe Space • Daniel Seavey by jonahssmirk
Safe Space • Daniel Seaveyby jonahssmirk
"I've always been the one that takes care of you" "I know but you can't be the only that does..."
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instagram // daniel seavey  by sadpouts
instagram // daniel seavey by sadpouts
@seaveydaniel followed you! sadpouts 2017 ©
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1| sleepover ✄ daniel seavey by wIfhrds
1| sleepover ✄ daniel seaveyby (>̯-̮<̯)
"you're honestly the devil's pure form, daniel." "well you have to sleep over with 'the devil's pure form' until your dad gets back, sweetheart." [da...
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Cold Love//Park Jihoon FF//Completed by JeojangAlyyereeen
Cold Love//Park Jihoon FF//Complet...by JeojangDreamer❤
Two cold people who rarely meets... Two cold people who accidentally met at a bad timing... Two cold people who became friends... And two cold people who changed each ot...
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P A S T || Daniel Seavey by cheerfulseavey
P A S T || Daniel Seaveyby Dannie 🍉
Sometimes, two people have to fall apart to realize how much they need to fall back together. True love has a habit of coming back. Highest ranking: #1 on lifestory (Jun...
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wifi password | kang daniel by donghycuk
wifi password | kang danielby w
"you can watch porn for hours yet you dont even wanna help a high school girl get her daily dose of fanfictions?" - lower letters intended © enegertic - star...
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Camp Camp Oneshots! by daveydavidbell
Camp Camp Oneshots!by I don’t even know
I've read a lot of oneshots in my time now it's my turn *REQUESTS OPEN*
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THE ONE // JACK AVERY by KingJackRAvery
THE ONE // JACK AVERYby Why don’t we 🔥
@aileenviolet just moved to L.A with her two best friends and her life changes dramatically once she meets "THE ONE" ** WARNING : This story contains harsh lan...
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ᴡᴅᴡ ɪᴍᴀɢɪɴᴇs by alluringheart
ᴡᴅᴡ ɪᴍᴀɢɪɴᴇsby ᴘ ɪ ᴘ ᴇ ʀ
" As her breath caught, a finger pushed her chin up towards them tipping it slightly before placing a loving kiss on her tingling lips " " He lifts my fee...
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baby // Zach Herron by spicyy_noodless
baby // Zach Herronby spicyy_noodless
in which a famous boy band adds the wrong number. lower case intended.
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The Virus Within by CrystalScherer
The Virus Withinby Crystal Scherer
What do you do when you are one of the infected? The virus in my blood is trying to steal my humanity. It alters my very thoughts and reactions. It taunts me by temptin...
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DETROIT: Become Human [one-shots] by anocturnalwriter
DETROIT: Become Human [one-shots]by LB700 · Leah Blue
One-shots about all the lovely characters in Detroit: Become Human; Kara, Connor, Markus, Ralph, Jerry, Luther, Rupert, Blue-haired Traci, Daniel, RK900 Connor, Elijah K...
  • north
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Two Atoms // Dan Howell by cliquot
Two Atoms // Dan Howellby cliquot
The one about the bookshop, the Skype cooking sessions and the fumbling internet crush. * * * It's late August, and Liv has spent her summer post-graduation workin...
  • contemporary
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pause // dan howell x reader by takeachilldil
pause // dan howell x readerby georgia
romance doesn't always begin at first glance, but when the world is paused, it's hard to ignore a second heartbeat. © ; 2016 Highest Ranking: #9 in Fanfiction (aahhh th...
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Mafia King Wants Me by queen3forever
Mafia King Wants Meby queen3forever
21 year old Doutzen was done with college her 4 years were done.Now she expected this as a time for her to start fresh but her family is in debt.And she has no choice bu...
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Just Tour ; dorbyn  by -seavey_42
Just Tour ; dorbyn by 𝙞 𝙨𝙩𝙖𝙣
Daniel has two huge secrets. If he's secrets ever spilled out, he'd literally kill him self. One of his secrets is he has a crush on one of his best friends/band mates C...
  • boyband
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Why Don't We's Baby by TheTideAli
Why Don't We's Babyby Ali
Lexis Bowen is 18 and friends with all the Why Don't We boys, Corbyn, Jack, Zach, Jonah, and Daniel. But Lexis has a problem...she's pregnant. And the father of the baby...
  • jackavery
  • zachherron
  • jonahmarais
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Don't • Jonah Marais • ✔️ by whydxntwe_xo
Don't • Jonah Marais • ✔️by Hafsa🦋
Melody Jane is Jonah Marais' ex bestfriend. he left her at a time she needed him the most watch the lie unfold "I love you, Sing Song. Don't leave." -JM "...
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Noodle Boy | Jachary | Book One by DearWriterWriter
Noodle Boy | Jachary | Book Oneby 🌙amber🔆
Zach knew he was gay, and knew it would be a long trip of telling people about it, and working out his feelings for one of his best friends. What will happen? Will Zach...
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