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No Never Yes||Prinxiety|| by BadIdeasAreHere
No Never Yes||Prinxiety||by With You I'm Always Home
Virgil had his own life, his own group of mismatched, odd friends. Roman had his clique and his power. The two were about to collide in one big mess. High School/Soulma...
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Sanders Sides One Shots by zewujun
Sanders Sides One Shotsby ~unko~
No more requests My username used to be FaultyLogic. (Highest #307 in FanFiction, #1 in Ships, #1 in princesanders, #1 in logansanders, #1 in logicsanders, #1 in morali...
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FAKE WIFE by iklimaputri
Your fake wife.
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Sander Sides One Shots by VioletAnxiety
Sander Sides One Shotsby VioletAnxiety
Its kinda self explanatory. Leave a comment or dm me if u wanna request a one shot. Please include ship name, a general idea story line, and smut or lemons...
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Mine (A Virgil X Reader) by VioletAnxiety
Mine (A Virgil X Reader)by VioletAnxiety
A story about you and the sander sides. particularly one edgy emo nightmare who seems to feel more than anxiety around you. A lot of grammer mistakes but in working on it
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Sanders Sides Smut by DontBeSuchASnek
Sanders Sides Smutby ThatOneGayWriter
Hello Guys, Gals, and Non-Binary Pals! Welcome to my book of smut for the sides! There all be all sorts of pairings, all sorts of kinks! I do not own these characters...
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Prinxiety 💜❤️💜❤️ by Kaimaybedepressed
Prinxiety 💜❤️💜❤️by Kaimaybedepressed
Cute prinxiety story. One thing left on my mind does he hate me? Do I love him?
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Sanders Sides Christmas by theantisocialghost
Sanders Sides Christmasby theantisocialghost
Patton has decided to invite the Dark Sides over for Christmas. Virgil's kind of hesitant, but he really misses his old family. Roman, however, is completely against the...
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Une Nuit Aucun Control by VogueLea
Une Nuit Aucun Controlby Vogue ♡ Léa
Dans un café, Tini rencontre un riche jeune homme avec un beau visage aux yeux marron. Quand Jorge s'en va, la jeune femme pense qu'elle ne le reverra jamais. Jusqu'à qu...
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Sanders Sides Oneshots ✔️  by CarmenKB
Sanders Sides Oneshots ✔️ by 𝓫 𝓾 𝓷
Read the title.
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Sander Sides smut/Fluff/Angst by Joe_And_Ocs
Sander Sides smut/Fluff/Angstby Joe
All these stories are not by me! Unless I say it is. My amazing friends wrote these stories and they allowed me to post them on here. It's mostly Prinxiety but sometime...
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The Dark Within ( prinxiety ) [completed] by Hannah_that1fangirl
The Dark Within ( prinxiety ) [ ♡𝓗𝓪𝓷𝓷𝓪𝓱♡
[completed] "Something's wrong with anxiety..." Prince told to Thomas in concern. "Well I'm not sure what you're talking about... I feel fine. Surely if s...
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Bloom by mindofjohanna
Bloomby Hannah
Haven Sparks, a chatty, outgoing young woman, who meets an introverted, pure and special guy. In which she made him bloom in every different aspect of life. • stand alon...
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Just Remus Being Remus by Lallyphant
Just Remus Being Remusby Lallyphant
Remus, to put it in the most simplified way, is... you know what he is. So when Remus becomes infatuated with Patton, he has a suitably Remus-y way of showing it. None o...
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Prinxiety  by Your2ndFave_Dad
Prinxiety by Loser
Virgil X Roman Plus Logan x Patton Maybe Deceit and Remy Virgil is absolutely adorable... I just wanted you to know. ⚠️smut warning⚠️
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Chats // Sanders Sides by zewujun
Chats // Sanders Sidesby ~unko~
//okay, but like I don't want to make a cover. So, y'all can do smth if u want I guess lul// Slow updates bois Slide in a slice of humor, a truckload of gay, and the San...
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Ask Sander sides magical girls AU by Alexkittycat1
Ask Sander sides magical girls AUby :P derp
Just an Au with story.I kinda lost interrest in Eddswolrd but have gotten one for sander sides!I hope you guys enjoy this! this can also be found on tumblr and amino WAR...
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A Furious Chick by Paul_Walker_Hoe
A Furious Chickby Chicken Soup
Meet Katherine Howard everyone...the myth, the legend. She's the greatest on Nobody's team but guess what? She's a total bitch with no respect for anyone else...until th...
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Angsty Oneshots and Drabbles by zewujun
Angsty Oneshots and Drabblesby ~unko~
Cover art is not mine. No more requests. My username used to be FaultyLogic.
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Sanders sides Oneshots (X reader) by fanfic4life2
Sanders sides Oneshots (X reader)by fanfic4life2
just because I dunno what else to do with my life. main X reader is on hold for a bit so I'm doing this for a bit.
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