Monday Night Raw:


Dolph, Big Show and I were all watching John's match backstage. It made me extremely nervous that not only was John having to face Ryback, but Seth, Kane, J and J, Mark and the newest member of Team Authority, Rusev, was sitting at ringside.

"Look!" Big Show exclaimed as John got the STF locked in.

"Please tap," I muttered.

My eyes widened in shock when Ryback was able to lift in a shell shocked position.

I relaxed a little bit when John was able to slither out before hitting Ryback with a side slam.

"You can't see me," I said.

Instead, Kane got on the apron and John ran over to knock the Big Red Monster off.

Ryback hit Cena with a spinebuster before he set up for the meat hook clothesline.

Before Ryback could hit it, Kane came running into the ring with interference.

"Lets go," I told the two behind me.


Seth ran in the ring and tried to calm Kane down as Ryback watched on.

"What!" Cole screamed when Ryback spun Seth around and nailed him in the face.

Kane quickly followed it up to a big boot in Ryback's face.

Ryback fell from the ring as the Authority started going right after Cena.

Big Shows theme came on and he came walking to the ring.

Henry went right after Show, but Seth ran over to help.

Dolphs theme came on as the showoff came running out to help his partners. He went right after Seth when he got in the ring.

"Here comes Ryback!" Jerry screamed as Ryback got back in the ring and went after Kane again.

Ryback was able to hit Kane with a shell shock. As he was getting up Seth came out of no where and hit him with a curb stomp.

"What a curb stomp!" Cole screamed.

"Well guys, I think Ryback has officially resigned from Team Authority," Jerry said.

The crowd cheered as I slowly slid in the ring, chair in hand as Seth's back was turned to me.

"It's Gabby!" Cole screamed.

"I was wondering where that little fire cracker was!" Jerry yelled.

"Don't turn around, Seth!" JBL yelled.

Seth slowly turned around and I quickly ran forward and nailed him in the face with the chair.

"Did you hear that!" Cole yelled.

I threw the chair aside as Seth held his head in pain.

"Poetic justice," Jerry said.

I walked to Seth and kneeled beside him.

"It doesn't feel good, does it!" I yelled at him.

I sighed angrily as I stood up and left the ring.

The camera cut to the authority watching the show from backstage.

Both authorities members whipped their heads around when a familiar tall, black bearded man came walking in.

"I'm a Team player," Luke Harper said slowly.

Friday Night Smackdown:


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