Monday Night Raw:


I had just watched Big Show get dismantled by the authority and was now starting to prepare for my match.

I had just started when I saw John walking over. I waited for him to reach me.

"Dolph and Big Show are both getting medical help right now," John told me gravely.

"And I'm next, right?" I asked.

"No," John said, "It doesn't matter who you are facing. Finish that match as fast as possible and get out of their."

"At least I know she isn't going to make me face Bray Wyatt or something," I muttered.

John nodded, "I'm not sure he would have much interest in the Divas title."

I sighed, "What are we doing John? Their was only four of us to begin with, even if Big Show and Dolph are better it won't matter. We're still outnumbered."

"Don't worry about Survivor Series," John said, "Just worry about what you're doing out there, alright?"

"You know, you're not to bad, John," I said.

"Thank you, I appreciate it," John said with a small.

A producer walked over, "You've got two minutes, Gabby."

I sighed, "Thank you," I looked back at John.

"Good luck," John said.

"I don't think luck is going to help at this point," I said.


My theme came on as I came walking out with the Divas title. I held it up with two hands.

"Our second championship match of the night," JBL said, "What a great job the authority is doing tonight."

I slid into the ring and tried to get focused as I watched the ramp.

"Well guys, lets see who Gabby faces," Jerry said.

Someone that sucks. Please someone that sucks.

Cameron's theme came on as I straightened up.

Not the best I could have got, not the worst, I decided as Cameron started walking to the ring.

I looked behind her. No authority. We were in business now.

"Well what a great opportunity for Cameron here tonight," Cole mentioned.

Cameron got in the ring and smiled over at me. I watched her, keeping my eyes on her eyes.

"Well, here we go Divas championship," Cole started.

Summers theme came on. I gave a confused look as I watched the ramp.

"Wait just a second," Jerry muttered as Summer came dancing down the ramp.

Summer got in the ring and smiled at me.

My stomach clenched when I heard Nikki's theme come on.

"Another one?" Cole asked.

Nikki came walking out. Surprisingly, Brie wasn't with her as she came walking down the ring.

Nikki made it in the ring and started jogging in the corner.

Lillian stepped forward, "Ladies and gentlemen, the following fatal four way match is scheduled for one fall and it is for the Divas championship."

So typical, I thought as I gave an annoyed look.

"Gabby does not seem to happy," Cole muttered.

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