Survivor Series:


The Authority's theme came on as the crowd erupted in boos.

"Here we go, guys!" Cole exclaimed, "The whole future of the WWE changes tonight!"

"Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Triple H and Stephanie McMahon. The authority!" Lillian announced.

Triple H and Stephanie went to stand at the side of the ramp as they waited for their team.

"The following is the five on five traditional Survivor Series Elimination match!" Lillian exclaimed as Kane's theme came on, "Introducing first on Team Authority, Kane!"

Kane nodded towards the authority before he passed them and started walking to the ring.

Mark Henry came out next as he walked to the ring, a scowl on his face.

"Introducing next, he is the worlds strongest man! Mark Henry!"

Luke Harper came walking out next, eyes wide.

"What a creep," Jerry muttered, "I wouldn't trust him as far as I could throw him."

"Say what you want, but he is the Intercontinental Champion!" JBL exclaimed.

Rusev came out next, followed by Lana holding the United States Championship.

"Rusev is a real wild card pick," JBL said.

The last member of Team Authority, Sell out Seth, came walking out next, followed by J and J.

Seth led the way down as J and J came walking down. Stephanie and Triple H followed.

"Their is the team," Cole said as the five stood side by side.

"And what a great team it is!" JBL exclaimed, "I wouldn't bet against it."

Dolph's theme came on as the crowd exploded in cheers.

"And now, Team Cena, first, Dolph Ziggler!"

"The team that can effect the long term history of WWE tonight!" Cole exclaimed.

"Whether they win or lose they will change it," JBL said, "Either way, someone is getting fired!"

The Worlds largest athlete came out next as he headed down the ring with a smile on his face.

"All it takes is one punch from that giant hand to turn this around," JBL said.

Mark Henry glared at Big Show.

"And remember, these two have had problems in the past," Cole said.

Erick Rowan came out next, wearing his typical sheep mask.

"Here's the guy who shocked everybody!" Cole exclaimed.

"Man, I hope we get the chance to see Harper and Rowan go at it tonight!" Jerry added.

"That'll be a fight, I can tell you that!" JBL exclaimed.

My theme came on next as I came walking out with my title perched on my shoulder.

"Perhaps nobody has had more problems with the authority than this woman right here," Cole said as I headed down the ramp, "It goes all the way back to her brother, Daniel Bryan. Than to the authority causing Seth Rollins to turn his back on Gabby and the rest of the Shield."

"Yeah, yeah, keep defending Gabby, tonight she will be put out of her misery," JBL said.

I stopped beside Dolph and Big Show.

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