Monday Night Raw:


Evolution's theme hit.

"Welcome to Monday Night Raw ladies and gentlemen," Cole said.

"Evolution is showing the scars of last nights battle," Jerry pointed out.

Triple H, Randy Orton, Batista and Summer just stood on the stage, looking over the audience, then Triple H led the way down to the ring.

"I can tell you that the scars on Evolution and Summer's faces don't even compare to how gut wrenching it must have been to digest that loose from last night," Jerry said.

"How embarrassing must that loose have been for Evolution last night? A clean sweep by the Shield," Cole said.

"I don't think anyone predicted a clean sweep from the Shield," JBL said.

Cole continued, "Batista pinned by Rollins, Orton pinned by Ambrose, Summer pinned by Gabby and Triple H pinned by Reigns."

"They're mocking Evolution now," Jerry added.

Evolution and Summer entered the ring. Triple H went to lean by the ropes. They all held emotionless experrisons, except for Summer, who was pacing angrily.

"To be honest you guys, I'm surprised these four were even able to show their faces tonight," Jerry said, "That was the ultimate humiliation last night."

"It was a battle for the ages," JBL said, "But that battle was won by the Shield."

There music silenced as Triple H stood in the center of the ring, clutching his microphone.

"They say its always darkest just before the dawn," Triple H started, "Funny thing is they think they've won."

Triple H chuckled, "You all think this over, The Shield thinks this is over! You don't get it. None of you get it. I don't lose. I always win."

I tweet: 'But you lost last night...... so technically you do lose..'

"This will not be over till The Shield exists no longer!" Triple H exclaimed, "That happens tonight."

Batista stepped forward and yanked the microphone from Triple H's hand. Triple H looked over in annoyance.

Batista glared at Triple H, "I don't want another match with the Shield. I'm done with that. I want whats coming to me. I want my one on one championship match that you promised me."

Triple H turned away, "Dave, their is a reason I am the leader here. Their is a reason I am the boss," he paused, "Its because I have the ability to see the bigger picture. You may not, but I do," He paused, "Their is a plan."

"I don't care about your plan!" Batista exclaimed, "I don't care about the Shield! I earned a one on one championship match and I want it and I want it tonight!"

Triple H glared forward at him, "Not sure if you're aware, but Daniel Bryan is injured and cannot compete, which means even if I wanted to, I can't give you a championship match tonight. Even if I did you'd probably choke in it anyways."

The crowd oohed as Batista took his glass off in anger.

"I'm sorry. Things are a little tense tonight!" Triple H yelled, "And here's the thing, their is a plan. Is this how you want it to go down, Dave! Do you want to remembered as the guy who couldn't beat the Shield! I'm not going to do that! I have never started a fight I couldn't finish and I'm not going to start today."

"No one gets anything until the Shield is no more! And when that and only that happens you will get everything! Until that time no one is getting anything!" Triple H yelled.

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