I tweet: Just arrived at the American Airlines Arena for #hellinacell Who's tuning in?

"Gabby! Gabby!" the fans chanted as I slid my phone in my pocket and opened the trunk of my car.

"We love you Gabby!" a fan screamed.

"I love you too!" I yelled back, smiling. The fans cheered louder.

Andy grabbed my suitcase and lifted it from the trunk, "There you are."

"Thanks," I breathed, shutting the trunk.

"You seem nervous," he commented as I started rolling the suitcase to the entrance.

"It's a big night," I mutter as we made it into the hallway.

"Yeah, I'll be at ringside, cheering you on," he nudged me with his shoulder lightly.

"I'll need all the support I can get," I told him.

We stayed quiet for a few moments as we walked on. I stopped, "I need to go to the Divas locker room. You can go to your seat or wait for me in catering."

"I'll be at catering, maybe I'll see someone there," Andy chuckle and kissed me, "Wait, what way is it?"

I giggled and pointed towards where he had to go. I watched him walk away before continuing forward. I reached the divas locker room and walked in. The Bellas, Natalya, and Eva were all there.

"Gabby!" Nikki stood up and squashed me with a hug.

"My arm..." I gasped out as she quickly pulled away.

"Sorry," Nikki patted my back.

Brie walked over and hugged me, "You feeling ok?"

"Just spectacular," I pulled away smiling. Natalya walked over and gave me a hug. Eva just grinned at me from where she was sitting down.

I rolled my bag over to my space and lifted it. I slid it inside and looked back at Brie, "So, Brie. Andy told me what you told him."

Brie grinned, "I had to. He was really understanding of it."

"Wait. what happened?" Eva asked in confusion.

"I told Andy that Gabby wasn't liking the way he was treating her," Brie replied, then turned to me, "What did he do?"

I sat down, "He had candles and music and rose petals everywhere and wine. He told me how sorry he was."

The girls ah as Eva says, "How cute."

"Did you guys have sex?" Nikki suddenly blurts out.

I put my hand on my forehead and shook my head as the other girls laughed.

"What, it's a legit question," Nicole said, trying to defend herself.

"Anyways....... I told Andy I would meet him at catering," I stood up.

"I'm coming with," Nattie stood up and followed me out.

Renee stopped me on our way there.

Hell in a Cell Pre-Show: Onscreen.

Renee stopped me, "Gabby, if I could just get a word with you quickly."

"Go ahead," I responded.

"Obviously, tonight is a big night for you. You have two important matches tonight, not only are you going one on one with Stephanie McMahon tonight, but you also have a stipulation in the main event tonight. Can I get your thoughts on both of those matches," Renee held the microphone out to me.

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