Dean and I arrived at mom's house together, both of us in our ugly sweater.

"This isn't even fair," Dean said as we walked to the trunk to retrieve the presents for my family, "Your ugly sweater literally says ugly Christmas sweater on it."

"It's beautiful, isn't it!" I exclaimed.

Dean ran his hand along my braid, "Not as beautiful as you."

I giggled, "You are such a flirt."

Dean and I walked hand in hand towards the door as I held onto the gifts for mom, Daniel and a few others.

Dean opened the door and motioned me to go in, "Ladies first."

"Thank you," I said as I walked in.

"Gabby!" I right away heard mom yell as I set my presents on the kitchen table so I could give her a hug.

Daniel appeared right behind her, "Where's my present?"

I slapped his hand away from the presents, "No touching!"

Brie appeared at the door going into the living room, "Hey, guys."

"Hey, Brie," I said, giving her a small smile.

Dean grabbed the presents, "I'll go take care of these."

"Thanks," I said as he walked past me and into the living room.

My cousin Audrey appeared in the door, "Ms. Gabby, you look gorgeous!"

I walked over and gave her a hug, "Not as gorgeous as you."

Audrey waved me off, "Whatever."

Dean returned to the kitchen, "Gabs, I'm being attacked."

I walked over and saw my little cousin, Kendra, clinging to Dean's leg. Everyone in the kitchen burst out laughing.

"I got him for you, Gabby," Kendra said, still holding tight to his leg.

"Thank you, Kendra," I said as I pulled her off Dean's leg, "Them boys are hard to keep track of," I whispered in her ear.

"You know, I can hear whispering," Dean said in amusement.

"You didn't hear anything," I said.

"Hey, Dean, why don't you and Daniel go do guy stuff so the girls can talk," Audrey said.

Dean and Daniel exchanged looks.

"I don't know..." Daniel started.

"Just go talk to the other guys," Audrey said as she shooed both of them out of the kitchen.

I set Kendra down just as they walked out. Audrey walked over to me as Brie and Mom listened in.

"How are you two doing?" Audrey asked me.

"Great," I said.

"You guys were having problems I saw, did you get all of it figured out?" Audrey asked.

"Yeah, it was just a stupid thing I did," I muttered, "You should have seen the gift he gave me."

"Did he get you a pony?" Kendra asked excitedly.

I stared blankly at her, "Umm..... no. Something even better."

Kendra looked at me as if I were crazy, "What could be better than a pony?"

I turned back to the adults, "When he came down, he had wrapping paper on the wall and he made me unwrap it and behind it their were like fifty pictures of our relationship on their."

"Awww. That's so cute," Brie said.

"What did you get Dean?" Audrey asked.

"Well...." I started, "A sweater."

Audrey and Brie both burst out laughing. Kendra got a disgusted look on her face as Mom just shook her head with a smile.

"But it was an ugly sweater," I added.

"Dean is too good to you, Gabby," Audrey said.

"Are you and Dean going to get married?" Kendra asked me with wide eyes.

I looked down at her, "Someday."


We were all opening presents next to the tree. I was currently opening the present from my brother. Dean watched me.

I pulled out a wrestling DVD of Wrestlemania 30. I looked over at Dean, "He gives me this every year."

"What, a wrestling DVD?" Dean asked.

"Yep," I said, "Why am I not on the cover?"

Dean chuckled as Mom walked over, "Here's another one for you, Dean."

"What?" Dean asked as he grabbed it and looked at the tag, "It's from your brother."

"Well it doesn't look like it's a wrestling DVD!" I exclaimed with a thumbs up.

"Maybe it's two wrestling DVDs!" Dean exclaimed sarcastically.

"Open it!" I said.

Dean started taking the wrapping paper off. I watched intently as Dean opened the box and pulled out a black shirt.

"Wow," Dean said as he looked at the front.

"What does it say?" I asked.

Dean turned it around and showed me the front. Their was one thing on the front. One word in fact: Nope.

I burst out laughing as Dean shook his head, "That was two years ago."

"That is the greatest shirt of all time," I took it from him, "You should wear this on Monday."

"Absolutely not," Dean said, shaking his head.

"Than can I wear it?" I asked as I admired it.

"I don't think it would fit you," Dean said.

I shrugged, "I'll still wear it."


I returned to the kitchen to see Dean pouring me a glass of wine. I smiled as I walked over and grabbed one before I went to sit on the couch.

Dean came over and sat next to me. As soon as he did, I laid my head against his chest and closed my eyes.

"Did you have a good Christmas," Dean asked as he pulled some of my hair behind my ear.

"It's nice to have a family get together that doesn't end in violence. It hasn't happened in a while," I said.

Dean chuckled, "That is very true."

I leaned forward and took a sip of wine before I looked over at Dean, "Have you ever thought about what you you would do if you weren't in WWE anymore?"

Dean blinked at me, "Well.... I don't know. Why are you asking?"

I shrugged and leaned back again, "I was just thinking about what I would do without the WWE. How different my life would be, you know."

Dean nodded, "Well, I know for a fact I would miss it, you know, beating up scumbags."

I chuckled, "Yeah, I bet you would miss your favorite thing, wouldn't you?"

"My second favorite thing," Dean corrected me.

"What's first? Food?" I asked.

"You're joking, right?" Dean asked, shaking his head.

I laughed, "I'm just kidding," I wrapped my arms around his neck, "You're my favorite too."

Dean smirked, "Aren't I special."

"Food is a close second though," I added quickly.

"You are one of a kind," Dean said.

"I know," I said.

It's official. I am the luckiest girl in the whole world.
I know it's super short, BUT the next one will be longer ;)

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