Friday Night Smackdown:


Dean and Seth were taking on Jinder and Drew. Roman and I were at ringside and so was Heath Slater.

I laid my elbows on the apron as Seth was trying to make a tag to Dean. Sadly, Heath got on the apron and distracted the ref. Drew ran in from the apron and knocked Dean off.

"Great strategy by Heath!" JBL exclaimed.

"And it allows 3MB to take control again," Cole said.

I sighed and started walking towards Heath.

"Hey, wanna be rock star!" I yelled at him.

"Are you talking to me little girl?" Heath laughed at this.

"Watch it," I yelled back.

"And we're getting a little bit of a argument here at ringside," Cole announced.

I walked up so I was right in front of him, "Stay out of the match or see what happens!"

"Why don't you, princess. This is not something for a little girl like you," Heath pushed me back. The crowd oohed behind me.

"Ok," I smirked him and stepped out of the way. Roman came in and ran him over with a spear.

"Think twice before you mess with Gabby, Heath," JBL said, "Shes got the hounds on her side."

In the ring, Dean did the dirty deeds for the win. I slid in the ring and gave him a quick hug.

Kanes music came on. I turned to the ramp and crossed my arms as he walked out with the New Age Outlaws and Summer.

Kane brought the microphone to his lips, "Congrats, but I'm afraid that I'm going to have to cut the celebration short."

He turned around as Rybaxel walked out.

"As director of operations, I have scheduled you to another match," Kane announced, "So Dean and Seth will be competing against Rybaxel right now."

The crowd half cheered, half booed as Rybaxel walked to the ring.

"You guys got it," I told the two. I was about to leave the ring, but Dean grabbed my hand.

"Don't I get a good luck kiss?" Dean questioned with a smirk.

I giggled, "That's actually something you would do."

Dean nodded, "I know."

I gave him a kiss on the cheek, making the crowd cheer, "Good luck," I went to stand by Roman at ringside.


Seth got in the match and started clotheslining Curtis Axel. He did a single dropkick before clothesline him out of the ring.

"Seth's about to fly!" Cole yelled as he flipped over the top rope and knocked both men over. He shoved Curtis back in the ring.

My eyes went over to the top of the stage. Kane, The Outlaws and Summer were still standing up there, wearing suits and in Summers case, a dress. I wanted to go up there and try to get revenge, but I would have to wait.

Curtis went for a perfect plex, but Seth reversed it into a peace of mind. He pinned him for the win.

I slid in the ring and high fived Seth before focusing back on the ramp. The four were giving us wary looks.

Cole spoke from commentary, "Kane, The Outlaws and Summer may rue the day that they wanted a match against the Shield at Wrestlemania."

I tweet: 'Whether it's two, three, or eleven guys, The Shield always comes out on top. #doyoubelievenow.'

Monday Night Raw:


Jerry was in the ring, ready to announce the winner of the pole. It was between the guys and I who would face Kane.

"Don't be me, don't be me," I pleaded as the four of us watched a screen backstage.

"It's going to be Roman," Seth muttered.

"How do you know?" I asked.

"I'll bet you one hundred dollars," Seth challenged.

I looked over, "Ok, fine, but only because I have more then half of us."

Dean put his arm over my shoulder, "I'm sorry to say, but your probably going to lose."

I sighed, "Just watch."

"Lets reveal the results!" Jerry exclaimed on the TV.

"As long as its not me," I muttered, "I'll be good."

The results showed. Roman had 40%, Seth had 22%, Dean had 19% and I also had 19%.

"Told ya," Seth started laughing.

Roman sighed, "Alright, here I go."

"Good luck, brother," Dean said. Roman fist bumped all of us before heading down to the ring.

The three of us watched backstage. Roman and Kane started having a back and forth match.

"We better get ready to go out there, The Outlaws and Summer will probably interfere," just as Dean said it Summer jumped on the apron.

Roman looked over from where he was preparing for the spear. Summer started dancing on the apron.

"Gabby, wait!" Dean tried to stop me as I ran out.


I came running down. The crowd cheered as I grabbed Summer's ankle and yanked her off the apron, causing her to land face first.

I was about to go after her, but was grabbed from behind and slammed down. Roaddog and Billy Gunn were there.

Dean and Seth quickly came to my aid and went after the two before they slid in the ring. I made it back to my feet and looked for Summer, but saw she was backing up the ramp.

"Get out of there, Kane!" JBL yelled as the guys and I surrounded him. We all started stomping him down.

The guys were about to set him up for the triple power bomb, but the Outlaws saved him. Summer ran over to join them.

"Come on!" I yelled at them, "Is that all you got!"

The four of us glared at them as we put our fists out.

"This Sunday is going to be a war," JBL said.

Raw Post Show:

Renee walked up to me. I stopped for her.

"Gabby this Sunday at Wrestlemania you will compete with your teammates of the Shield to face Kane, The Outlaws and Summer."

I interrupted her, "Summer thinks that she can keep running. This Sunday Summers not going to have anywhere to run and she will find out what happens when you make me your enemy."
Sorry for the late update.

I have a lot of stuff planned for the next few chapters so stay tuned. Wrestlemania week starts next chapter ;)

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