Monday Night Raw:


The Shield's theme hit as I appeared leading the guys to the ring. I kept my eyes squarely ahead as I glared at the ring.

I slid in the ring as Dean and Roman joined me. I turned my attention to the ramp as John Cena's theme hit.

John Cena came out in his normal neon green ring gear as he ran into the ring and slid in.

John nodded his head over to me and I nodded back. I would always remember what he had done for me.

The lights shut off and I instantly got a shiver up my spine. Dean put his hand in mine and squeezed it reassuringly as the small lantern appeared at the top of the stage, announcing the presence of the Wyatt Family.

My eyes swiveled as I looked around at the lit cell phones in the air. It was truly a sight.

The lights came on and Bray Wyatt, Luke Harper and Erick Rowan stood at the end of the ramp. I slowly rolled my head in a circle, Stay focused.

Summer's theme hit and my eyes went right to her as she appeared at the ramp with a wide smile on her face.

That's right Summer, you get your ass down here so I can kick it.

Summer got on the apron along with the Wyatts. They seemed to like each other, her and Bray. Of course Summer had done a favor for Bray a while back.

As soon as the four got in the ring I went right after Summer and started slamming her with punches. She threw me aside so I rolled from the ring, but I was able to drag her out with me and slam her into the barricade.

As much as I would have liked to continue to kill Summer, I went over and joined John and Dean on the apron as Roman started the match with Rowan.

Roman and Dean immediately went to tagging each other back and forth as they took control of Rowan. I held my hand out beggingly and Roman finally agreed to tag me in.

I got in and went right to slamming Rowan in the gut with my foot. I was stuck on what to do after that. He was to big.

I sighed and backed up before running forward and front drop kicking him in the chest, causing him to fall to the center of the ring. I went for the pin.

I yelped in surprise as Rowan kicked out, causing me to completely fall out of the ring.

I looked up, blinking in surprise.

"Wow!" JBL yelled, "Rowan just threw Gabby like a ragdoll!"

"Gabby betters get back in the ring," Cole muttered.

I slowly looked back in the ring to see Rowan had made a tag. To Bray.

My instinct told me to quickly get to my feet, so I did so. Sadly as soon as I tried getting in the ring and stood on the apron, Bray ran full force and fired me forward so far I slammed my face into the announce table. The crowd oohed from the impact.

Bray quickly walked out to ringside and grabbed me by the hair before tossing me right across the announce table, causing me to almost hit the announcers.

"Jeez!" JBL yelled, "Gabby is just getting destroyed right now!"

"Come on, Gabby!" Summer yelled mockingly.

Bray laughed as he picked me up and tossed me back in the ring.

This would be a long match.


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