It was time for Wrestlemania Axcess. Each member of the Shield got there own booth this year, so I got to start signing autographs today. This was my first Axcess, so I was a little nervous, but I'd survive.

I smiled at the crowd as they cheered me on. I sat down at my booth and clutched the marker in my hand. I would have to be prepared for my hand to be dead by the end.

The first person to come up was a group of thirty year olds who looked to be long time wrestling fans.

"Hi," I shook all there hands.

"I just want to say your my favorite diva," one of them said, "You remind me a lot of Lita and she was my favorite growing up."

"It's the red hair, isn't it?" I questioned, holding a piece out.

"Well.... a little bit," he said laughing, "But you are also very athletic as well," he added.

"Thank you," I signed all of their pictures, "Lita was one of my favorite too."

Next up came a group of teenage girls. I knew actually where this was going.

"We have a little question asking to do," one of the three girls said, sliding a picture of me with the guys to sign.

"Go ahead," I said, noticing that they were all wearing my Shield girl shirt.

"Do you think Dean Ambrose is hot?" one said.

I felt myself blush, "I should have known someone would ask me something like that," I muttered.

"She's blushing!" one girl screamed as the others laughed.

"Ok, fine," I looked up at them, "I think Dean Ambrose is smokin hot."

The girls squealed. They were obviously major fan girls, so I guess I didn't blame them.

"Come on, let's go get Dean to sign our stuff next!" one yelled as they took off running.

"You get that a lot?"

I looked up to see a thirty year old man walking over. He handed me a picture to sign.

"Not as much as you would think," I said, signing it.

A few people later, a little girl came walking over.

She stood their, just smiling at me. She looked nervous.

"Hello," I said, smiling at her.

"Hi," she squeaked, sliding me one of my normal T Shirts.

"How are you?" I asked, starting to sign the shirt.

"Great," she paused, "So, when are you going to win the Divas Championship?"

I chuckled, "Hopefully sometime soon."

Sadly, I wasn't going to be in the Divas invitational match. Neither was Summer. Hopefully I'd get a title shot soon.

The next people that came up were another group of teenage girls. I braced myself.

"We were talking to Dean a little while ago," one of them commented.

I signed one of their pictures, "Were you guys talking me?"

"Dean thinks your sexy," the girls laughed.

I had to laugh with them, but once again I blushed, "Oh really, did he?"

Luckily, Dean and I got done at the same time. The two of us walked outside towards the car.

Dean slid his hand in mine, "So, I'm smokin hot, am I?"

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