Someone shook me and said, "Sweetheart, wake up."

I completely ignored him and covered my head with my blanket, but a second later got it yanked away from me.

"Can't you just let me sleep!" I exclaimed, looking up and seeing Dean standing by the door.

Everything that had happened to me yesterday finally came back. I had been captured by the Shield to say the least.

Dean shook his head, "I can't let you sleep, because we've got to get going to Smackdown."

I moaned and laid back on my pillow, "I thought Smackdown was on Fridays."

"Nope, we film Smackdown and Main Event on Tuesdays. In fact, we actually have a match for Main Event."

I brightened up and sat up straight, "Can I come out with you to your match?"


I looked at the ground with disappointment, I was hoping that I could get away well they were focused on the match, "Why not."

"Triple H wants us to wait for Raw, now if you want to take a shower, I suggest you get up. I got some clothes by the bathroom for you," he left.

I wobbled to my feet and left the room and walked over to the bathroom. Clothes were in fact sitting their for me and I looked inside. All their really was we're shorts, and regular t shirts, so I chose a pink t shirt and jean shorts and walked into the bathroom. I showered as quickly as possible and was glad to see that the clothes fit me perfectly.... That was creepy. How they knew my exact size I didn't know.

When I was done, I stuffed all my belongings into a suitcase they had got me. I pulled on my converse before setting the suitcase beside the door.

I suddenly heard ringing from my suitcase and I nearly jumped out of my skin. Then I remembered that I had my phone in my pant pocket and I quickly shoveled through the junk to find it.

It was Daniel.

I looked around. Dean and Roman were in their rooms packing, but I had no idea where Seth was. I would have to take that risk.

"Hello?" I whispered, when I answered it.

"Gabby is that you?" Daniel said through the phone. I sighed in relief.

"Yes, it's me."

"Where the hell are you?"

"Oh you know, just staying in a hotel room with the Shield. The usual."

Daniel didn't speak for a while and finally questioned, "Did they hurt you?"

"If you count making me wake up at three in the morning, then yes, but other then that no."

"Where are at right now? What Hotel?"

"The same one we were staying at," I answered.

"Ok, can you get to the lobby without them seeing you?"

"Yes, can you meet me in the lobby?" I asked standing up and turning the knob, yanking the door open, this was easier then I thought.

About the moment that I pulled the door opened someone slammed it right back from behind me, "great...." I muttered into the phone, turning around to see Dean's hand on the door. Seth and Roman behind him.

"What! What happened!" Daniel called, but before I could answer, Dean snatched the phone out of my hand.

"Give it back!" I pleaded.

Dean just laughed and put the phone to his ear, "Hey Daniel."

I could barely hear Daniel, "Don't you dare hurt her Dean, just let her go."

"Daniel, Daniel we aren't going to hurt her. We're just holding on to her and by the way, if you want to see her, I suggest you go to Raw on Monday and we'll see if she shows up or not," Dean hung up the phone and handed it to Roman, who threw it across the room at the wall and it broke in a few pieces.

"What the hell! You have to pay for that!"

"Lets get going," Seth said as all three of them grabbed their suitcases and Roman grabbed mine. Dean grabbed my wrist again and led me to the elevator, through the lobby and to the car.

I forced to sit in the back with Dean again and I stayed quiet just about the whole time, until Seth spoke to me, surprisingly, "You ok back their, Gabby."

Woah, he knew my name. That was a surprise.

But to be honest, I didn't feel alright. I felt like crap to say the least. I didn't want to travel with these..........Guys. I just wanted to go home.

I lied, "Yeah, I'm fine."

Dean snorted from beside me, "I can tell when someone isn't feeling good. Look, we aren't that bad, alright Gabs. We are actually pretty fun if you get to know us."

Roman spoke from the passengers seat, "If it makes you feel any better, we are only doing what Triple H wants."

"Triple H..." I started, "I cannot not wait until Raw, because I am going to give him one of the worse microphone slams he has ever experienced in his whole life."

"If they give you a microphone," Roman muttered.

"Triple H can't keep me quiet, I'm not going to appear as one of those scared little divas that always needs someone to save them. This, Monday, Triple H is going to realize that."

None of them said anything, but I spotted the arena in the distance, it was time for smackdown.
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