Monday Night Raw(Continued)


I opened the authority's door and walked in. Both Triple H and Stephanie were in their talking. They paused when I walked in.

"Hello Gabby," Stephanie greeted.

"You wanted to see me about something," I said.

"Yes," Triple H stepped towards me. I held his gaze, "Its about the little stunt you pulled in the Jingle Bells tag match out there."

"What? Are you mad that I won or something?" I chuckled.

"No, not about that," Steph said.

"You were supposed to dress up for the match," Triple H said, "And you didn't."

"Oh right, that," I shook my head, "Listen, I know it's Christmas and everything, but I was told that I was competing in a match, so I wore my ring gear instead."

"Oh, isn't that all fun and dandy," Triple H said sarcastically, "Then why don't you explain the shirt you're wearing?"

"Oh, this old thing?" I dusted it off, "Its my own creation. It's beautiful, isn't it?"

Triple H slammed his fist on the desk, causing me to jump in surprise, "Free the divas? Free the divas? What the hell is that supposed to mean."

I stepped towards him, "Just a message of mine. The fact is, I don't think the divas are being treated fairly, I will not be put in some worthless eye candy matches. That's just not how I work."

Triple H was just about to say more, but Steph interrupted him, "Listen Gabby, I understand what you're saying, but I don't understand why you think that it was meant to be a eye candy match."

"Really, Steph. Do you see the guys having to dress like that?"

"Well, no...."

"I think I've proven my point," I turned around.

"Gabby wait," I froze when Stephanie spoke, "I think you've learned before not to mess with me. Don't let anything like this happen again or I can guarantee you won't be anywhere near that Divas Title for as long as I'm here."

I sighed, "Yes, Mrs, McMahon," I gave her a fake smile before walking out.

I tweet: 'Looks like I've been warned.'



"Punk," The four of us appeared, Dean was speaking, "He's in pain. He has four thorns in his side. Punk, you're pain brings us pleasure. But since when were you so buddy, buddy with John Cena?"

The camera turned to Seth, "Cena, Punk, you've both walked down this alley before. You've both lurked in these shadows many times and each time the outcome remains the same. With you lying face down on the ground, gasping for air."

Roman went next, "and then theirs the man with the target on his back, Big E. Intercontinental champion?" he glanced at us, "You're swimming with the sharks now and we will do what we do best and that's tear apart everything in our path."

I grabbed the camera, "You three really think you can compete with us? You have another thing coming to you. The Shield are the most dominate force in WWE history and we'll continue to write our legacy tonight. Believe that.......and Believe in the Shield."

In the Ring:

Big E was starting to take control of the match. Big E set up for the big ending. I sighed in relief when Seth kicked him in the face, causing Dean to fall into the pin. John broke it up, but got hit with a spear.

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