Chapter 5: Where is Gabby?

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I opened the door of the van and climbed out. I waited for the boys to grab their things before I followed them into the arena. A few superstars were in the hallways, but none that I figured would help me.

When we reached their locker room I sat down on a chair and put my chin on my hands.

"We better get going to our match," Seth told me. He turned on a TV and it showed Main Event. Apparently people backstage was the only place people could watch it before Wednesday.

All three of them left, and I ran over to try to open the door, but it was locked. I sighed in frustration and sat down on the chair and watched the show.
Main Event:

The Shield music hit and they came walked down through the audience. The Miz and Josh Matthews were at commentary.

"Hello ladies and gentlemen and welcome to Main event, I'm Josh Matthews and I'm joined by the Miz."

"That's right Josh and we are starting big with the Shield."

"That's right, but don't forget, this past Monday on Raw The Shield actually stole, people are saying, Daniel Bryan's sister, Gabby," Josh mentioned, as they showed a quick replay.

"That's right, I was backstage a few moments ago and that's all people were talking about backstage. Where's Gabby? What have they done with her? I'm wondering the same thing," Miz commented.

The Usos made their way to the ring, followed by Kofi as the match went under way.


Dean came into the ring and hit Kofi with his finisher for the win and Seth and Roman came in to celebrate.
I wasn't surprised at all that they won and I half was happy they had. I didn't want to be in the middle of the after match talk.

One thing caught my attention from that match and that was Miz saying, where's Gabby. I wished I could have just ran out their, jumped on the table and yell here I am!

The next match was AJ and Naomi. I suddenly a hole in my heart as I watched the two divas compete. I didn't even notice the Shield walk back in I was so focused.

Someone put their hand on my shoulder and I nearly jumped out of my skin, it was Dean.

"Did you watch our match?" He asked, smiling.

I turned back towards the TV and saw I had completely missed the ending. Aj was getting her hand raised.

"Yes, I did," I muttered.

"Looked pretty good out their, didn't we," Ambrose said.

"Just spectacular," I mumbled.
The WWE crew had just gotten the set up for Smackdown up and Smackdown was now on.

Randy started out the night saying his same old crap, but then my brother interrupted. Daniel didn't mention me, until Randy did, because me and Daniel had always promised eachother that if we got into tough situations, that the other person would try to get through it and we both knew I wanted to get out of this myself.

"Ladies and gentlemen, the face to the WWE, Randy Orton!" Daniel exclaimed.

"I mean just look at him, chiseled, tall, 6'5", I mean, he's just so pretty!"

I laughed.

A few moments later Daniel said, "ladies and gentlemen, I get a guaranteed rematch and I don't know about you, but I want that rematch tonight!" The crowd started cheering.

Randy smirked, "You know Bryan, to be honest you shouldn't be worried about me, no , you should be worried about your sister." The crowd started booing and I shifted uncomfortably when Reigns, Rollins and Ambrose looked at me.

"You see, last week we took your sister from you for four days(it was actually one, but I guess they wanted people to think it was live) and man has it been a great time. The scared look on her face when we took her was great to see. You know, she is staying with the Shield, she could be dead for all we know," Randy shrugged as Daniel looked on madly.

Scared, really Randy? The fans might believe, but my brother wouldn't.

Daniel smiled suddenly to the surprise of the fans, "you think I'm stupid, Randy, My sister is not some Danzel in distress, ok and she is not scared of you, Triple H or The Shield."

"Really?" Randy said without the microphone, but the camera caught it.

"Face it Randy, you're no match for me or her." The crowd cheered, "Now, back to what I was saying until you suddenly changed the subject, I want a rematch for the WWE title, tonight."

Randy shook his head, "Sorry, you're going to have to wait till night of champions."

Randy pretended to walk away, but then tried to go for an RKO, but Daniel pushed him out of the way and kicked him out of the ring.

"Come on!" Daniel screamed as Randy backed off.

Later on.....

I sat on the chair watching Smackdown. I was once again was alone, because the Shield had left again. Alberto Del Rio was going against Christian currently.

The door suddenly opened and I turned around. It was Dean. He came walking in with a bag in his hand and his Shield gear on.

"Hello," Dean greeted.

"Hi," I answered plainly.

Dean grabbed a chair and sat next to me," You look bored."

"I'll never get sick of watching wrestling," I muttered, keeping my eyes on the screen.

"Are you hungry?" He asked me.

I looked over at him and nodded.

"Well, I got ya a little something," Dean said and grabbed an orange from the bag and put it in front of my face.

I smiled a bit and grabbed it from his hand and started peeling it.

"So, we haven't really gotten to talk just the two of us," Dean commented.

"What do you want to talk about you...." I asked.

Dean ran his hand through his hair, " I don't know, just tell me about yourself."


Dean sighed, " I don't know, where do you work? What are your hobbies? Anything really."

"Well, I'm going back to college this year for my second year to become a teacher."

"A teacher?"

I glared at him playfully, "Is their a problem with that?"

"No, just that it's not really my thing. Wrestlings my passion. I couldn't think of doing anything else."

I chuckled, "It was mine to."

Dean leaned forward to look at me better, "You were a wrestler before?"

"Yep, I started training to be a wrestler when I was sixteen, I've wrestled in more high school gyms them I can remember," I recalled.

"What happened?" Dean asked, obviously interested.

"Me and my brother both auditioned for Fcw and for some reason they didn't want me. I asked them why and they said I didn't have the diva look," I made quotation marks with my hands, then took a bite from the orange.

"Diva look?"

I nodded, "At the time they were only getting girls based on looks instead of real wrestling ability. When they told me that I just kind of gave up."

Dean shook his head, "Sorry about that. Maybe you should get back to training to become one. Just because you don't have the diva look shouldn't mean anything. I think it is time for a change in the divas division."

"I can't, I'm already in collage and......"

He stopped me, "When you were watching that divas match, I could see the longing in your eyes."

"Maybe I'll try, but no promises," I muttered.

Dean patted me on my leg, "You do that."

I smiled at him. The door opened and Seth popped his head in, "Dean, Triple H wants to talk."

"Alright, see ya Gabs," Dean said, before following Seth out.

I sighed and thought about what he said. I only stopped thinking about it when Daniels match with Wade came on. Daniel ended up winning, but got attacked by Randy Orton at the end.

"Typical," I whispered.

It's funny, because for once I didn't feel as mad as I usually, because all I could think about is what Dean said.

Could I still become a wrestler?


Gabby used to be a wrestler! What'll happen next?

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