Monday Night Raw:


Summer was facing off against Eva Marie and was currently slamming her face into the mat.

The crowd cheered loudly as The Shield's music came on. Summer whipped her head around the arena.

I jumped over the opposite barricade we usually came down from and jumped onto the apron.

Summer looked over at me in shock, "What are you doing!"

"Bring it!" I yelled back.

Summer was about to go after me, but Eva ran from behind and rolled her up for a three count.

"Revenge from this Friday!" Cole yelled as Summer started throwing a tantrum in the ring.

I got off the apron and ran over to where the timekeeper was. I grabbed a microphone from Justin before sliding into the ring.

I walked over and kneeled down right in front of Summer, who was also kneeling. She slowly lifted her head to look at my, her face in a scowl.

I smirked at her, "Oh look at that, Summer lost."

The crowd started chanting loser at Summer.

"Shut up!" Summer screamed.

I chuckled, "Taking in the fact that you just lost tonight and you are going to lose this Sunday at Payback."

Summer shook her head at me.

"And considering in about a second I'm going to beat the life out of you, I would say if anyone's luck has ran out, its yours."

I slammed the microphone right into the side of Summer's face before I started slamming the mic over and over again.

"Stop this!" JBL shouted.

I glanced up just in time to see Evolution get in the ring. I quickly rolled out and jogged over to get over the barricade.

"Gabby is going to get hers," JBL muttered.

I looked at the ring to see Batista helping Summer. Randy and Triple H were glaring at me, daring me to get in the ring.

"I'll see you later tonight!" I shouted at them.


I walked backstage, feeling very proud of myself.

"That's my girl."

I turned around. A smile curled on my face, "Hey, champ."

Daniel chuckled and looked at his titles, "These old things?"

"Old things?" I asked, "I would kill for that."

Daniel shrugged, "I may not be champion for very much longer."

"I'm sorry, this didn't deserve to happen to you."

Daniel was injured and injured bad. He had a serious injury in neck/shoulder area. He would have to give up his title, I was sure of it.

"You know what they say, come back stronger," Daniel muttered.

I gave him a hug, "I have to go talk to the guys. We have to talk about the contract signing later tonight."

Daniel nodded, "I'm going to go find Brie."

I said bye one last time and started to head towards the guys locker room.

I opened the door without knocking to see them playing cards.

"What are you guys doing?"

"Cribbage," Roman mumbled.

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