I zipped up the back of my dress before fixing my hair. My dress was a beautiful light blue. One shoulder and half of my chest was a sparkly white and the other side the material covered my shoulder. The dress came above my knees. I grabbed onto my fake diamond earrings and put them on each ear. I decided to go without a necklace and put some silver bracelets on my wrist. I decided to leave my hair down with curls. Didn't want to get to fancy, although I don't think I've ever dressed up like this before.

I stepped out of the bathroom and looked dreadfully at my silver high heels. I grabbed onto them and sat on the chair of our hotel room. We had rented two separate hotel rooms, each with two queen sized beds. I was sharing with Dean and Seth and Roman were next door with our rooms connecting. Dean was in Seth and Roman's room right now. This was the first time in days I had actually gotten to sleep in my own bed, it felt great.

I looked over at the phone for the hotel room. I wish I could call Brie or Nikki and ask for their advice, but I still haven't apologized for what I said. I felt so alone. The only people I had were the Shield, although it wasn't that bad of a thing.

I decided to ditch the high heels, because I would just be falling on my face all night. I stuffed them in my bag and pulled out some silver flats with very small bows on the top, but towards the side, I grinned, "Here we go," I said.

I pulled on some no show white socks before putting the shoes on. I walked to the mirror and spun around, looking myself over, "Yay," I said as I went to sit on the chair and I waited nervously for Dean to come.

Someone knocked on the door and I stood up to answer it. I swung it open, Dean stood there smiling. He wore a black dress shirt with jeans and black tennis shoes.

Dean grinned at me, "You look beautiful."

I couldn't help, but blush, "You look great to," I told him.

"Ready to go?" he asked, holding out his hand.

Just remember, this is the first and only date, I reminded myself, then added, But have fun too.

"Yes," I nodded and took his hand. He led me down the hallway and walked me into the elevator.

"So, what are we doing tonight Mr. Ambrose?" I asked him as I watched the numbers switch on the elevator.

"You'll just have to wait and see," He said as the elevator opened and he led me out. He led me to the car and opened the front door for me. I sat down as he got in the drivers seat and started driving.

After a few minutes, Dean said, "Alright, close your eyes."

I gave a suspicious look, "Where are we?"

"You'll see, now, close your eyes," he repeated.

I sighed, "Fine," I closed my eyes and smiled.

The car came to a stop and I heard Dean get out of the car. Dean opened my door and grabbed my hand before helping me out, "Keep your eyes closed and follow me," he whispered in my ear.

I kept my eyes closed as he led me slowly straight. I shivered at the cold outside until I heard a door open and Dean led me into a room. My goosebumps disappeared as warmth spread through my body, "Can I open my eyes now?" I asked.

"Yes, go ahead," Dean said.

My eyes opened and I looked around. My eyes widened. We were in a small house like place that had windows all over so you could see the outside. There was a small fireplace at the front with two chairs beside it. There was a table between the two chairs. In the center of the room there was a small dining table with two chairs. There were candles lit on it, with plates, wine glasses, forks, knives and a breadstick basket in the center. There was also a bottle of wine.

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