Chapter 61: Punk and Two Usos

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Friday Night Smackdown:

"Come on, Seth!" I yelled as Jimmy took control. Seth and Roman were facing The Usos. I was at ringside as Dean was on commentary.

"Yeah, I won't be able to wrestle for a few weeks due to a concussion," Dean said for commentary, "Looks like Gabby will have to take my place for the six mans."

"How did you get a concussion? I know you had it before Monday, but you didn't have it after Smackdown. You didn't wrestle in between," Cole said.

"Personal reasons," Dean answered.

"Come on," I muttered as Jimmy bounced against the ropes. I didn't even notice Dean come by me and grab Jimmy's foot. He pulled him out of the ring and clotheslined him. I was just about to slap him. How many times did I have to tell him not to get involved in physical action until he was healed?

Jey was about to attack Dean, but I quickly got in front and clubbed him with a forearm. Roman grabbed him from behind and Seth and him started beating on him. Dean rolled Jimmy in the ring and slid in and stayed back, adding occasional stomps as Seth, Roman and I put the beat down on the Usos.

CM Punks music came on. I looked at the ramp, "Dean, get out of the ring."


I looked at him as Punk ran down, "Get out!"

Dean slid out just as Punk got him. I showed no fear as I went right after him and tried hitting him with punches. Punk pushed me away and kicked me in the side of the head.

I fell on the ground. Dean pulled me out of the ring as The Usos and Punk cleared the ring. I held my jaw as Dean pretty much carried me to the barricade. He lifted me over and followed. Seth and Roman joined us.


"You scare me," I told Dean as we walked down a hallway.

"I had to, it looked like Uso had Seth," Dean said, slipping his hand in mine. I pulled away.

"Not here," I reminded him.

Dean sighed, "You have one more week."

"I know," their is no way I'll be ready in a week.

"Excuse me, Gabby Dean," I turned around to see Vickie walk over.

"Yes?" Dean asked.

"I just wanted to inform you two that you and your team mates have another match tonight," Vickie grinned, "And sense Deam can't compete, you, Gabby, will have to take his place when you, Seth and Roman take on Punk and The Usos."

I laughed, "You think I'm scared?"

"I didn't say that," Vickie patted my arm, "Good luck tonight."

"That's tough," Dean said as Vickie walked away.

"I've got this," I assured him.

"I believe in you," Dean said, looking away.

"Oh really?" I walked in front of his face, "It doesn't seem like it."

Dean smirked, "Maybe you should let Roman and Seth take care of business tonight."

I frowned, "So your going to do the same thing you did at TLC?"


"Well guess what Mr, Ambrose, you aren't in the match, which means you can't tag me out of the match," I smiled to myself.

"I know," Dean said, "Just be careful out there."

"When aren't I?"

Dean shrugged, "Sometimes you throw yourself into bad situations."

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