Monday Night Raw:


I tweet: 'I've heard rumors that Evolution is pissed. That was the ultimate goal.'

Evolution and Summer was standing in the ring.

"I'm sick of this!" Randy exclaimed, "I'm sick of the Shield! I know you are! I know you are and I know you are!" Randy pointed to each other person in the ring in turn, "Its time to take the rubber gloves off. Its time to put the hounds to sleep."

"Maybe your right, Randy," Triple H said, "Maybe it is time to take the gloves off. Maybe it's time to finish this thing with the Shield."

"The Shield proved to us at Extreme Rules that they were good. The thing is I already knew that. I built them up and I fed the roster to them so that way they could make a name for themself."

"Maybe they got over there head. I was hoping I would be able to salvage something from that, maybe I was wrong."

Triple H continued, "The Shield are undisciplined. They're like little kids waving a stick at anything that's in front. They have no idea what they have gotten theirselves into. This is going to end. You want a rematch in a match you already won? You got it. So at Payback it will be Evolution," he paused, "And Summer Rae vs all four members of the Shield."

"This time will be different," Triple H said, "We are going to take all of you down one by one.... why don't we start with.. Dean Ambrose. The man of many words and personalities, we are going to beat you into you are humbled."

"Then I'll take Gabby Bryan," Triple H said, "And I will take down the thought behind the rebellion. I will destroy her until their is nothing left but a broken body and a cracked soul."

Triple H smiled, "Then I'll take Seth Rollins and I will snip off the hummingbird wings right off his back."

"Then theirs Roman Reigns," the crowd cheered, "We are going to take our time with Roman Reigns. Roman Reigns will be the one that will not make it back. He will fail to adapt. He will par....."

Triple H stopped as Seth came from behind and tackled Triple H at the legs. Dean and Roman followed.

I lept on the apron and went on the top rope. Summer's eyes went wide in shock as I tackled her down and started hitting her with punches.

I tried to go for the Gabby Crusher, but Summer was able to get free and roll out the ring. The crowd booed as Evolution retreated.

I went to stand next to Dean.

"You know what!" Batista had grabbed a microphone, "I'm sick of all four of you! Roman Reigns! Your the big dog! I want a match with you tonight!"

"Wow!" Cole exclaimed, "What a match for later tonight."


I was sitting at catering, enjoying some delicious strawberries as I watched Raw on a TV nearby.

"Gabby!" I turned around to see Nikki walk up behind me, followed by Eva.

"Hey guys," I muttered.

"You don't seem to pumped up," Eva commented as they both sat down.

"I've just been thinking of things lately," I muttered.

Nikki put a hand on my shoulder, "Brie told me what this Friday is."


"Your birthday!" Nikki exclaimed.

I looked back over at the TV, "Oh right, I forgot about that."

"We need to do something," Eva said.

"No thanks," I answered back.

"Why not!" Nikki exclaimed, "You have to do something!"

"No really, Dean and I just bought an amazing house, maybe I'll go house shopping."

"Gabby, live a little," Nikki exclaimed.

I stood up, "You guys can do something. I'll just start getting my house set up. Honestly, I'm fine." I walked off.


Roman was currently taking on Batista. I watched from ringside along with Seth and Dean.

Roman was just starting to take control back on his side. Batista got out of the ring to try to get away from his opponent. Roman followed but was blocked by Triple H, Randy Orton and Summer Rae.

In unspoken agreement all three of us at ringside got in the ring and in sync we bounced off the ropes and went suicide diving on all three of them.

Roman shoved Batista back on the apron and went right for his apron dropkick, nailing it. Roman tried to get in the ring, but Triple H started going at him.

The ref rang the bell as Triple H set up for a pedigree on Reigns. Seth quickly made the save.

I went right after Summer, who had tried to get in the ring for cover. I speared her to the ground before throwing punches at her.

I would have continued this, but someone grabbed my hair and yanked me off of her before tossing me into the corner.

I looked forward to see superstars pouring into the ring. I took a deep breath and went right over to fight back, but instead was taken down and tossed out of the ring.

I started crawling over to where the timekeeper was. I barely clutched a chair in my hands as Dean and Seth each grabbed one as well. We both raced in the ring.

The chairs defiantly evened the odds. Each superstar that came into range with me I stopped them immediately with a steel chair.

Finally we were able to clear the ring. I looked up at the ramp to see Evolution and Summer looking on.

I tweet: 'It's what......... twelve on four and The Shield still comes out on top. I think we all know whats going to happen at Payback.'
This was super short and I apologize for that. We are drawing nearer and nearer ladies and gentlemen.

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