Smackdown had gone by quickly and we were now getting on a plane to head to lovely Arizona, where Daniel and Brie would get married. I was excited to be able to go to such an important moment in my brothers life. Not to mention how close I have gotten to Brie.

The plane landed Wednesday morning and Dean and I both got off the plane. We got a rental car.

"Are you excited for the wedding?" Dean asked as he drove.

I shrugged, "I don't know, I mean I'm really happy for Daniel of course and I adore Brie."

Dean nodded, "I suppose we'll get to meet her family now."

"Yeah, I mean I've met her dad and her mom and her brother and Nikki obviously, but I don't really know anyone else," I said.

"And then your whole families in town. I haven't seen most of them since we started going out," Dean reminded me.

"Yeah, I'm sure they'll all freak out or something," I said with amusement, "Charlotte is coming as well."

Dean snorted, "Well, this should be an interesting week."

"Tell me about it," I muttered.

We pulled into the driveway of the hotel we would be staying at. I grabbed my stuff as we walked into the lobby and headed to our room.

As soon as I sat down, I pulled my phone out, "I'm going to see if Mom and Dad have landed yet."

Dean nodded, "Alright," he sat next to me and wrapped his arms around my waist.

"But you're all mine tomorrow," I laid my head back against his chest, "It's so beautiful here."

I dialed my Mom's phone number and she answered almost instantly.

We agreed to have brunch together. Dean and I left almost as soon as we had arrived.

Mom and Dad were already sitting there when we arrived. Lots of others were with them.

I ran over and gave mom a hug. "Long time no see."

Dad greeted Dean before giving me a hug, "Hello, love."

I looked next to him and was met by my uncle, Fred. He embraced in one of his best hugs.

"How's my little girl?" Fred said, ruffling my hair. Fred was like a second dad to me and was my own dad's brother. When I was little, he would always come over with Audrey and Jared, his children and my cousins. He almost looked identical to my dad, except he was a few years older.


It was Margaret, Fred's wife. I gave her a hug. Margaret was kind, but very defensive. You didn't want to get on her bad side.

Audrey was sitting by her mom and waved to me. She hasn't decided to change her hair and still had her black and violet shoulder length hair. Beside her sat David, her husband and their two Kids, Faith and Andrew. You could tell just by looking at Audrey and David how alike they were. They both had piercingly on their ears and Audrey even had a piercing on her nose. The two of them both had some tatoos covering most of their body. Their kids both resembled their black hair. Audrey was the most unique person in my family and the coolest chick I've ever met.

Next to them sat Jared, her brother and his wife Jamie. They were newlyweds and looked cute sitting next to each other. I expected a long relationship that would last an eternity with them.

On the other side of the table sat my Mom's sisters, Bridget and Mary. The two of them each had their husbands, George and Percy respectively sitting next to then. It seemed only one of their kids had arrived and that was Bridget's daughter, Journey. Next to her sat her husband, Reed and their only daughter Kendra.

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