As soon as Seth had left me be, I had went to work. I had started by jogging around the arena and now I was beside a crate, accomplishing jumping squats on it as I watched Brie take on Stephanie at a TV that was right next to it.

I stopped with my jumping and started doing push ups, but all the while I kept looking at the TV, because it had gotten very interesting. Both Triple H and Nikki Bella were at ringside now.

I got up and took a drink of water when Brie came in and hit Triple H with a baseball kick from outside the ring before she went out of the ring and started chanting yes over Triple H.

A smile played on my face.

She's got it in the bag, I realized as Nikki got on the apron so the Bellas were surrounding Stephanie.

I rolled my water bottle in my hands just as Stephanie stood up.

The next thing that happened sent shock throughout my body. Nikki grabbed Stephanie and yanked her out of the way before absolutely nailing her in the face with a forearm. The crowd oohed at this.

"What!" I heard Jerry yelled.

"Nikki just turned on her sister!" Cole yelled.

Nikki went out of the ring as Stephanie pedigreed Brie before getting the pinfall.

"I don't understand this at all! How far is the authority willing to sink!" Cole yelled, "First Seth Rollins, then Gabby Bryan and those two I can almost understand, but for Nikki to betray her own blood like that!"

"Nikki did the right thing!" JBL exclaimed, "Her sister abandoned her! Nikki is the victim here!"

"Oh shut up!" Cole yelled at him.

I sighed as I turned away from the TV and went right back to my jump squats.

Roman went against Randy Orton next. I watched the match with great interest as Roman got the win. Inside I was proud of him.

That's when I realized my match was next.

I took the most nervous breath I have ever taken before I started walking towards the gorilla.

I reached it without having to talk to anyone and noticed Summer was already waiting there. Triple H was there as well.

"You ready?" Summer asked me.

I nodded as I looked at the curtain, Here we go.


"This next match is a fatal four way elimination match for the Divas championship!" Lillian announced in the ring.

"Now, in this match, four divas will start in the ring. There will be no disqualification or count outs. Elimination will occur by pin fall or submission. When a diva is eliminated, she will be forced to return to the locker room. The last diva in the ring will be declared the winner and the Divas Champion!"

Lillian finished just as my music hit.

I stepped from the stage with a completely determined look on my face. I started making my way down to the ramp.

"You know guys, I'm not even sure how Gabby is going to be able to focus on this match with everything that has transpired, not only tonight, but in the past few weeks," Cole said.

"I agree with you Cole. Gabby has had a rough past few months," Jerry said, "But honestly she has herself to blame for it."

"What do you guys mean?" JBL asked, "These past few months have been the greatest of Gabby's life! She's apart of the authority now! What more could you want!"

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