Picture is Gabby's ring gear(outfit) :)

I was practicing in the ring in the arena with Dean. Their was no fans in the arena yet. The doors would open in a matter of an hour or so.

"Can I try putting a figure four on you?" I asked him when I stood up.

Dean groaned.

"Please," I said, "How about I will let go when you tap."

"Then we'll be here forever, because I'm not tapping," Dean said.

"Well than how about I'll let go when you tell me to let go," I said, giving him a light punch on the arm.

"Isn't that technically submitting?" Dean questioned.

"Fine, how about you try getting out of it," I offered.

Dean sighed, "Fine, but I don't want to embarrass you."

"Just lay down," I said.

Dean did as I said. I quickly grabbed his right leg and put my left one over it. I worked as quickly as possible before I finally laid on my back.

Dean right away spun me around so we were both on our stomachs.

"This is not fair!" I exclaimed.

"Give up, Gabs!" Dean exclaimed.

"Never!" I said as I was able to turn it back around, "Haha."

"What the hell are you guys doing?"

I looked up to see Emma was standing on the apron. Paige stood beside her, a smirk on her face.

"Hey guys," I said, giving Dean enough time to turn me back around.

"Damn it!" I yelled as Dean laugh.

I quickly pulled myself to the ropes.

"I see, take the easy way out," Dean said as he let go of my legs.

Paige got in the ring, "Who wants to be put in a PTO!" She exclaimed cheerfully.

"No way, that move hurts like h*ll," I told her.

"Oh come on, it doesn't hurt that bad," Paige said.

"You want me to put you in it and see what happens?" I asked her.

"Go ahead," Paige challenged.

"So PTO stands for Paige tap out?" Dean clarified.

"Yep," Paige said as she sat down on the ground.

Dean blinked at her before turning away, "Wow, you are so creative. I think I'm going to come up with a submission and name it the DTO. Dean Tap Out."

"Gabby, tell your boyfriend to stop bullying me," Paige whimpered with a smile.

"Nah, I'd rather put you in a GTO. Gabby Tap Out," I said.

"Maybe I should chance the Emma lock to the ETO," Emma mentioned, "Emma Tap Out."

"I f*ckin hate you guys," Paige said as we started laughing.

"Ok, lets do this. I've never done this move before so you might need to direct me a little bit," I said as I grabbed onto her legs.

I crossed her legs into a sharpshooter type hold before spinning her onto her stomach, "Is this right so far?"

"Yep," Paige said, "You have to let go when I tap."

"Ok, fine," I said as I grabbed her arms behind her back and lifted her off the ground.

"Ow!" Paige yelled.

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