Monday Night Raw:


AJ and I were walking towards the gorilla together. AJ had on her normal jean shorts, love bites shirt and knee high converse on. I had already gotten my ring gear on. I was wearing light pink ripped jeans, a light pink top that was made with jean material and white leather boots with white fingerless gloves.

AJ took a deep breath as she pushed the gorilla curtain out of the way. I followed her.

As soon as I got in, a security guard walked over and stopped me from following AJ.

"You aren't allowed out there," he told me, "No outside managers allowed."

"Since when?" I asked.

"Since now," said the mean looking, huge security man.

AJ looked back at me warily.

"You know, it's bad enough that you put AJ in a handicap match and now I can't even go out there with her," I said in disbelief.

"Sounds about right," the security guard said.

AJ stepped forward, "This is bullsh*t."

"Life isn't fair," the security guard said, obviously not ready to give in.

I sighed, "Fine."

AJ's face got worried.

"But you tell Stephanie that if she has a problem with us," I motioned towards AJ and I, "She can say it to our face," I spat.

The guard didn't flinch.

AJ walked over to me, "What should we do?"

I sighed, "The moment that match ends, I'll be out there."

AJ nodded, "Ok..... thanks Gabby."

She smiled lightly at me before walking towards the gorilla.


I was watching AJ's match right next to the gorilla, focused on nothing else.

AJ was preparing to start in the ring with Summer Rae as Cameron and Nikki stood on the apron.

The bell rang and AJ went right after Summer by taking her down with punches.

"This handicap was made by Stephanie McMahon," Cole said, "But Summer and company will still have to tag in."

"And from what I heard Gabby is banned from ringside for this match," Jerry muttered.

AJ threw Summer right over to the corner opposite her teammates. AJ glanced back at Nikki and Cameron before she started stomping on Summer as she sat in the corner.

"And notice how AJ is isolating Summer from her teammates," Cole said, "A very smart strategy."

"I think it's AJ's only prayer," JBL commented.

I nodded my head in agreement to the commentators.

I felt someone wrap an arm around my waist. I looked over at him.

"I'm trying to focus," I said.

Dean smiled, "I know how distracting I can be."

We watched the match for about a minute in silence as AJ was able to continue to isolate Summer.

"I heard about your match, tonight," Dean commented.

"Did you?" I asked, keeping my eyes on the screen.

"Yeah," Dean said as he looked at me, "I'm sure it'll be fine."

"I've got it under control," I assured him, trying to assure myself more than him.

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