"Sh*t, sh*t, sh*t," I muttered over and over again as I watched the screen.

"Calm down, Gabby," Roman muttered.

The match had gone on for more than twenty minutes and nobody was giving in. Bray was currently laid out on the announce table and Dean was climbing up a ladder.

"Are you kidding me? Calm down?" I asked, "He wants to jump off a twenty foot ladder!"

"It'll be fine. He's Dean," Roman said.

I covered my eyes as Dean jumped. I could hear Coles voice still.

"Oh my god!"

"Gabby you can look he's not dead," Roman said.

My peeked out between my fingers to see both Dean and Bray laid out at ringside.

Dean started to get up as he growled in pain.

"Why would you do that!" I exclaimed.

Dean rolled Bray in the ring before getting in himself. He blew Bray a kiss before grabbing a nearby TV monitor.

"What is Dean doing?" Roman asked.

"It's about time you agree with me," I muttered.

"No, Dean can't blow anyone kisses but you," Roman said.

Dean ran forward with the TV, but the cord got stuck and pulled him back. Dean ran over again and came to a quick stop when the TV exploded in sparks and burst into his face.

I jumped as I leaned forward in my chair. Both Roman and I became quiet.

"The TV shorted out or something," Cole said into the quietness as Dean started rapidly blinking his eyes.

"Maybe the referee should stop this," Jerry said unsuringly.

"I don't even think Ambrose can even see," JBL muttered just as Bray got up and grabbed Dean in position before hitting the sister Abigail.




"And Bray will take advantage!" Cole yelled as Bray rolled away laughing.

"Damn, that looked painful," I muttered as I put my hands on my head.

Roman sighed, "Do you think he's OK?"

"I don't know," I shook my head, "It blew up right in his face."

As soon as TLC went off air, I got up, "Lets go check on him."

Roman and I walked together towards the gorilla. When we got their, we waited side by side for Dean.

"I hope he's OK..... up here," Roman said, pointing to his head.

"Roman," I snapped.

"Well you know how mad he gets when he's mad," Roman muttered.

"Wouldn't you be mad after what just happened if that was you," I questioned.

"Of course I would," Roman said, "And it's very cute how you defend him."

I rolled my eyes as Roman chuckled.

Dean came walking out of the gorilla and I noticed him immediately go to the side with a water bottle as he tried washing his eyes out from the Sparks that had flown up into his face.

"He doesn't seem that mad," Roman muttered to me.

Dean suddenly straightened up and threw his water bottle on the ground a little to aggressive.

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