I was sitting on the couch, curled up in a ball as I watched the TV.

"Guess what, Gabby!"

I turned around to see Charlotte was standing over me, arms spread and a huge smile on my face.

"You bought me food?" I guessed.

"No," Charlotte said.

"Than I really don't care," I muttered as I turned my attention to the TV.

"Fastlane is on tonight," Charlotte said.

My heart lept. I had almost forgotten. I looked at my phone for the time.

"Sh*t," I said as I scrambled for the remote. The show was already ten minutes in.

The past two weeks since.... well.... the incident had been down hill to say the least. Apparently since I had hit Stephanie, I wasn't allowed to come to the show......... ever again. So I had been forced to come back home and stay with my crazy best friend again.

But that wasn't even the worst of it. Valentines Day had been two Saturdays ago and I learned the day before that Dean wouldn't be able to spend it with me. Of course I didn't blame him, because I knew how crazy this job was, but my heart broke a little because of it. So my Valentines Day had consisted of me leaving Zach and Charlotte to have the house themselves and I went to stay at my place all alone well I watched Disney Movies all night.

Of course he had promised to make it up to me, but it wouldn't be the same.

I was able to get Fastlane on the TV. It appeared that a six man tag team match was taking place that consisted of Seth, Kane, and Big Show taking on Dolph, Rowan and Ryback.

"Hey, Seth!" Charlotte exclaimed.

"Hey, the douche!" I said back.

"Did you ever talk to him when you went to Raw?" Charlotte asked me as we watched as Kane and Dolph were going at it in the ring.

"No," I lied, because I didn't feel like having the conversation.

"Dang," Charlotte muttered.

"Yeah.... gosh darn it," I said, shaking my head.

Jamie and Joey had jumped on the apron and Ryback ran over to knock the two off. Big Show ran in and bulldozed Ryback over, causing me to flinch a bit.

Sadly, Dolph was in the ring all alone now and Kane, Big Show and Seth were all up. Seth distracted the ref as Big Show knocked Dolph over from the outside. Kane got the easy pin.

"Wow, that was fair," I said sarcastically. Charlotte chuckled

I narrowed my eyes as the authority started beating up on Dolph.

"Oh sh*t!" Charlotte exclaimed when Randy Orton's music hit.

I wasn't to excited, because I still kind of hated Randy's guts, but watching Seth run like a little girl was pretty funny to me, so I enjoyed it.

The night continued on as Stardust and Golddust faced, followed by the tag team title match, than the Divas match. It made me mad even looking at Nikki with my title.

This was followed by Sting and Triple H meeting face to face. I really liked Sting. Without him, I wouldn't have gotten rid of the authority when I had. The two announced their match at Wrestlemania.

Eden was now standing in the ring. "This match is scheduled for one fall and it is for the Intercontinental Championship!"

"Yay! Babes!" I exclaimed, causing Charlotte to smile.

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