Monday Night Raw:


"Hello ladies and gentlemen and welcome to Monday Night Raw!" Cole introduced as Raw came on air.

Dean's theme came on to start the show.

"Oh great," JBL muttered.

Dean came walking out on to the stage.

"Dean Ambrose is back!" Cole exclaimed.

Dean waited as I came skipping out to stand by him.

"And look who he's got with him!" Jerry exclaimed.

Dean smiled at me as the two of us started walking down to the ring, side by side.

"Ladies and gentlemen, if you didn't see Night of Champions, you missed a great moment last night," Cole exclaimed, "You missed the return of Dean Ambrose."

"And the return of Deanby!" Jerry added.

"Oh please, these two aren't together," JBL muttered.

"What makes you think that, John?" Jerry asked.

JBL didn't answer, instead he said, "Makes me sick even looking at these two."

I tagged the fans hands coming down the ramp before I slid in the ring. Dean came in after.

"Dean Ambrose is crazy if he thinks that he can trust Gabby," JBL paused, "Dean Ambrose is crazy in general, but he's reached a new level if he thinks he can trust Gabby."

"Well, they seem to be getting along right now," Jerry said as I grabbed two microphones and handed one to Dean.

Dean's music stopped as the crowd started cheering loudly for us.

Dean smiled, "I'm not dead!"

The crowd cheered in response. I chuckled behind him.

"In fact I'm better than ever," Dean said, looking back at me.

I stepped up to stand next to him. I was about to speak, but was interrupted when 'Mrs. Ambrose' chants started echoing around the arena.

"How creative," JBL said sarcastically.

"Alright, why don't we all calm down....." I started.

Dean interrupted, "Oh come on, I know you guys can be louder than that."

They did just as Dean said.

"Oh my god," I said to him without the microphone.

Dean shrugged, holding his mic behind his back.

I took a deep breath before speaking, "I think a lot of people are wondering why I did what I did last night, and to be honest their was kind of different things leading up to it."

I tapped my microphone "I mean, their's the fact that we all know the authority are selfish, power hungry, egotistical, jackasses," I paused as the crowd cheered, "I mean that might have contributed to the fact, but it wasn't the big picture."

"The authority thought they owned me," I said with a serious look on my face, "Nobody owns me. The authority thought the moment that they got me to join them, that they had won," I shrugged, "But guess what, nobody can fully beat me. You want to know why?"

"I don't mean to sound like John Cena, but I will never give up," I said, "You can keep knocking me down, but I'm going to keep fighting back."

"Gabby has no idea what she has gotten herself into," JBL said.

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