Chapter 14: Believe in Gabby

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Darren Young walked down the ramp as I stood in the ring with the Shield, standing next to Roman. When Darren got in the ring, I went to ringside.

"You know John, last week I said that Gabby was hating on the Shield, but after seeing the way Gabby looked at Dean back there I'm starting to think her tension is towards him," Cole said.

JBL answered him, "For once I agree with you, Cole, but I'm pretty sure they have already talked it over. No big deal."

As soon as Darren got in the ring, the Shield mauled him. I sighed as Roman speared Darren for the win.

Titus came next and was able to last a little longer then his partner. He soon got triple power bombed and eliminating. As this happened, I shook my head in disappointment.

Dolph came next and was able to take control over them before the numbers game caught up. Dean punched him at the side of the head, then Seth stomped on him. They mocked him for the next few minutes before Dolph started fighting out of it. He threw Roman over the top rope and hit a famouser on Rollins. I clapped as Dolph got hyped at ringside.

Dolph was about to get back in the ring, but got grabbed by Dean and got hit with a dropkick by Seth. Dolph got up, but got ran over by a spear from Roman. Roman got back in the ring as I inched closer to Dolph. The ref. counted to ten and that was the end.

"A count out! You had to win from a count out!" I yelled at them, as Dean looked away. Both Seth and Roman grinned at me.

As Kofi came out and the Shield were distracted with him, I checked on Dolph, "Dolph, are you dead?"

Dolph sat up so he was leaning against the barricade, "I'm fine, you know, now would be a great time for you to run."

I sighed, "I can't."

Dolph looked at me, "Why, they are distracted with Kofi, it would be so easy."

"You wouldn't understand," I muttered.

"Tell me why," Dolph said.

"Fine, but you can't tell anyone, not even Daniel."

"Alright, go for it."

I took a deep breath, "Because if I leave the Shield, then I won't ever get a WWE contract."

Dolph looked at me in surprise, "What."

I looked at the ground, "I've wanted to be a WwE diva my whole life and this is my chance."

Dolph nodded, "Ok, I guess I understand," Dolph stood up and so did I.

I hadn't even noticed that Kofi had got pinned and Dean and Seth were looking at me. I looked over at them as Dolph left me their. I watched him go, then turned back to them.

Rob Van Dams music hit, causing them to look back at the ramp. Rob ran down and was immediately attacked by Dean and Seth.

Rob started kicking them with various kicks as Roman tried to get back in the ring. Rob planted him before he did rolling thunder on Dean and Seth. Dean laid in the ring alone as Van Dam got on the top rope.

Triple H's music hit and the COO walked out. I rolled my eyes and lept in surprise as Roman shoved Van Dam off the top rope. I backed up as Triple H started walking towards Vickie. I stepped right in front of Vickie as the crowd cheered.

"What the hell was that for!" I yelled at him as he glared at me, "You know Rob was about to win, don't want to be embarrassed do you, you egotistical freak!" I yelled in his face as he slapped me.

I slapped him back.

The crowd chanted yes as he looked back at me in anger. Someone grabbed my hand and pulled me away as the crowd booed.

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