I just stared at him from across the table.

This had been going on for the past five minutes. Charlotte had immediately invited him inside and now we were all sitting around the table.

"Coffee!" Charlotte exclaimed as she set it in front of Vince.

"Thank you," Mr. McMahon nodded towards Charlotte, but didn't take a drink. He looked back over at me as Charlotte excitedly sat down.

"How have you been?" Vince asked, breaking the awkward silence.

I shrugged, "Kind of bored."

He nodded.

"OK, what do you want?" I suddenly asked.

Charlotte gave me a stern look. Maybe now wasn't the time to be my rude self.

"I mean..... How can I help you, Mr. McMahon?"

"I'm glad you asked," Vince set his briefcase on the table and opened it.

I tapped my fingers impatiently on the table as Mr. McMahon pulled out a yellow envelope out of his briefcase. He handed it my way, "I'll give you that to look at it."

I took it and instantly went to open it before I took out some paper stapled together.

"I assume you recognize it," Vince broke the silence as I went through it. Charlotte was looking over my shoulder.

I looked over the paper, "What's the catch?"

"No catch," Vince assured.

I set the paper down and covered my mouth with my hands.

"Now, you don't need to make any decisions right now," Vince said quickly, "You can look it over more and if you have any questions..."

"Why do you want me back?" I interrupted.

A smile came on his face, "You see, I wanted to give divas a chance so to speak."

"Do Stephanie or Hunter know?" I asked immediately.

"I didn't think they would appreciate it, so I haven't told them yet, but they will understand of course, because this is best for business after all," Mr. McMahon told me.

"3 years," I commented, "Is that guaranteed? Couldn't The Authority just fire me again?"

"No, this contract is specifically between you and me," Vince assured me.

I was trying to keep it together, I had to admit it. I couldn't believe Vince McMahon had showed up to my doorstep just to get me to resign. My emotions were all over the place at the moment. I had to get it together. I had to make sure their were no ways around this.

"So you just want me to throw myself right back into the fire?" I questioned, "Get put in handicap matches. Get tortured every week?"

"I cannot control what Triple H and Stephanie do every week. They are still in charge of setting up matches," I rolled my eyes. "But you're tough, Gabby. You're a fighter."

"Sign it," Charlotte whispered.

"Hold on," I muttered back.

"On a scale of one to ten, how bad do you want me back?" I asked.

Vince shrugged, "This isn't about how bad I want you back. This how bad the fans want you back. How bad the fans want to see change in their divas division and you are one of the women that I truthfully believe are going to lead in that change."

Their were so many things I wanted to say, such as: 'You honestly expect me to believe you care about the women and not the money involved', but I thought better of it.

"Listen, this is great and all," I said carefully. I had to be careful how I said this, "But since I am throwing myself back in the fire at such a bad time, I mean, right before Wrestlemania, I need something more to convince me."

Vince got a smile on his face, "Ok, like..."

"I don't want money, I don't want a private jet or anything like that," I assured him, "All I want is a match. Any match at Wrestlemania that I want."

"That's asking a lot," Vince said unsurely.

"I thought you were giving divas a chance," I said.

"Well.... a match against who?" Vince asked.

I shrugged, "I'll have to think about it. Just put it in the contract and we'll see what I come up with."

Vince chuckled, "I'll have to trust you, but I have a feeling I'm going to regret it."

"So with all that said," Vince said, "Will you resign? Are you, Gabby Bryan, telling me right now that you want to be a WWE diva again?"

"Yes," I said.

A wide smile came on Vince's face, "Excellent," he stood up and started packing up the contract, "I'll have this thing edited and ready to sign by Monday morning, you can come and sign it before the show... that is if you're ready to come back on Monday."

"Absolutely," I assured him, "I wouldn't miss Monday for the world."

"Great," he held his hand out, "It's great doing business with you, Ms. Bryan."

"Thank you," I said as I shook his hand.

"No........ thank you," Vince told me, "It's great to have you back."

"Yeah," I said, because I didn't know what else to say.

"I'll show you out," Charlotte offered.

"Yes, thank you," Vince said, than added to me, "See you on Monday."

"Yeah," I repeated.

I watched Vince and Charlotte round the corner. The moment I heard the door shut I put my face in my hands and took a deep breath, "Oh my god," I started repeating over and over again.

I suddenly heard Charlotte let out a screech and heard her come skipping into the kitchen, "Gabby! Gabby, I can't believe it," she gave me a hug from behind.

Charlotte let go of me, "Gabby, aren't you going to say something!"

I looked up at her, tears in my eyes, "I love wrestling."

Charlotte laughed, "Yeah, me too."

I wiped a tear from my eye, "I'm going to call Dean."

"You're going to call Dean?" Charlotte asked with a huge smile.

"Yeah," I said with a deep breath as I wiped my eyes again. I got up with my phone and went straight to Charlotte's guest room.

I sat on the bed for a while as I tried to wrap the whole thing around my head. It hadn't sinked in yet, How could it have?

"Ok, here we go," I muttered as I dialed Dean's number.

I tapped my leg impatiently as the phone rang. I was desperately trying to keep my emotions in check.

"Hey, perfect," I heard Dean's voice say from the other end.

I took a shaky breath, "Hey, Dean."

Dean's voice became worried, "Hey, you OK?"

"Yeah. Never better," I told him.

"What happened?" Dean asked.

"I'm going back," were the only words that came from my mouth.

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